Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons


Little boy sitting in front of the grave of his mother. From his glance it seems empty. Child again and again scrolls in memory of the events of that terrible day. If only he knew how to swim … Terrible memories interrupted hail Big Brother – no time to indulge in grief, their father is dying! Doctor makes a terrible sentence: if you do not bring juice rarest tree that grows far away, his father will soon follow his wife. Senior and Junior, without thinking twice, go on the adventure of their lives.

At first, it seems that “with this fellow all clear.” Cartoon style, not the most modern graphics, hackneyed plot, two characters with different abilities: Senior – strong, and the youngest – a brisk … Typical cooperative walker!

However, this zabluzhdenie.Oba brother are controlled by the same player. For a full experience is necessary to use a gamepad, even if you play on the computer. Manipulating characters attracted to Stick: Senior Managing left, Junior, respectively, right. Context-sensitive actions – “lift” or “shake hands” – hung on the “triggers.” In words, sounds elementary, but in fact you will find a long and difficult transformation in ambidekstera. Frankly, it is one of two significant drawbacks of the game. For the duration of 3-4 hours (and that’s the second negative) half the time is spent on the development of management. Although it should be recognized that the relationship between the gamer and his virtual wards of only intensified.

But not innovative gameplay features Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons from other indie games, and history. Magicians from Starbreeze Studios managed without excessive moralizing talk about mutual aid and sympathy. The plots of many games force players to behave in a certain way and try to punish those deviates from the “moral standards.” The brainchild of Swedish sins not anything like that. You are free to decide for themselves whether or not to help countless characters that I met my brother but we go along. The game is not for nothing is adventure games, though similar to the styling of RPG. There is no pumping and skills, armor and swords-Kladentsi, reputation systems and incentives. There is only your conscience and compassion. The only thing you get for helping others – is “achivki.” If Terry show selfishness and concentrate on finding a miracle potion, the game takes place very quickly. But listen to good advice: forget Evening on their own needs. Talk to suicide and hear his story. Do you agree with his decision to withdraw from life, or think that it shows weakness? Cheer him up, you will not get anything other than moral satisfaction. But every such meeting history is filled with new colors, and sometimes opens the player what he did not notice for a – something like it in Spec Ops: The Line.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons only superficially looks like a fairy tale. The deeper into the world of this game, the more it resembles a philosophical parable like The Stanley Parable, only with a touch of creativity by the Brothers Grimm. On the way older and younger meet trolls and hospitable, and cunning witch, and violent sectarians. Landscapes are replaced, like a kaleidoscope, as immersion in a nightmare. Pastoral meadows and forests give way to the valley with rivers of blood and dead giants. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, like a gray wolf in grandma’s bed, pretending only good-natured and easy – but it is necessary to come closer, as the harsh reality of the game immediately bared his teeth.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons – it’s not just one of the major interactive adventure this year, but also a clear gap template. Nobody expected from the creators straight and brutal “Riddick” such a controversial history. Terrible and cruel, but at the same time tells the story of duty, love and blood ties.