Microsoft is preparing a big update operating systems Windows

Microsoft is preparing a big update operating systems Windows


Due to resource and ZDNet ‘s Mary Jo Foley has information about when Microsoft will provide regular updates to its operating systems Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.

Microsoft is preparing two minor update for Windows 8.1, which will get the name Update 1 and Update 2 . Now the authoritative source – Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet – reports that Microsoft has appointed release date for the first update – March 11. If all goes according to plan , users will be updated on this day . Given the fact that Microsoft releases Update 1 to developer conference Build, which starts in April , waiting for something substantial from it not worth it.

Notes that Microsoft is currently focused on the convergence of the two is not their platforms (Windows and Windows Phone), and to optimize the desktop system. Mary Jo Foley reports that one of the objectives is to optimize Windows 8 for budget tablets , the other – the union of the desktop and ” tile ” system parts . In particular, in Update 1 will be able to close and curtail Metro- application , and attach (pin) them to a standard desktop.

Many more changes will appear in the Windows 9 (in which , in particular, is expected to return the button ” Start “), which will be announced in early April along with Windows Phone 8.1.

As for the upgrade of the mobile platform , then work on it will be over by the beginning of April ( shortly before the conference Build), and WP- smartphone owners will receive Windows Phone 8.1 in April. The main innovations here will Notification Center and the new voice assistant Cortana.