About us

About us

Wovow.org – daily updated information and entertainment online resource with the most complete and latest news.

At the beginning of its existence on the site, Wovow.org published news in all the areas that were of interest to our readers: game, health, hi-tech, politic, sport, entertainment, travel and other.

However, recently held relaunch, in consequence of that, we decided to focus on one theme – high technologies.

The world of technology has undergone radical changes in recent years. Anyone who owns several devices whose technology is particularly advanced, although their use is simple and intuitive. From this, we must also adapt our way of providing information on the pages of Wovow.org.

The themes were initially those related to technology: TV, cameras, notebooks, smartphones, tablets etc. Later we extended the themes and topics complementary products: software and games.

The contents published on the pages of Wovow.org are proposed in different ways:

  • news: it is a so-called short content, which concerns a novelty announced on the market, a general information on products or technologies or the publication of an indiscretion of a specific content. In the latter, case, we speak of typical rumor, that is unconfirmed officially that will be subsequently verified by the facts (which are always specified by their special nature).
  • Article: is the deepening and the main one that involves the effort to achieve the most important part of the preparation. May cover the review of a product, a technical study on a trend or a specific technology, the report from an event, a comparative analysis or preview. Very often the reviews concerning products called “embargoed”, that is made available to the editorial staff before their official debut so that our analysis will be published to coincide with the market launch.

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