“Sherlock” : in the halls of the third season

“Sherlock” : in the halls of the third season


Possible spoilers!

The new season of the popular British series “Sherlock” was the subject of heated debate long before its release. Dedicated fans waiting for him more than the New Year with mandarins and chimes . During the two-year hiatus forced fandom got lots of theories about the outcome of the previous season. The question that many are not allowed to sleep at night , “How Sherlock survived by jumping from the roof of a four- hospital?”


Series back on screens January 1, 2014 , and the next day the internet exploded contradictory comments from spectators and did not get the desired response. The fact that the creators of the series, written by Mark Gatiss, Steve Thompson and Steven Moffat, out of position , with their humor, filmed all the most popular versions of rescue hero. A series of “empty hearse” was supremely interactive and metaphorical , ironic and full of subtexts. And the most attentive viewers also spotted in her new keys to your favorite puzzles.

Later, in an interview with British newspaper The Telegraph, Steven Moffat has denied that scenario, there are plot holes . He was sure that the audience of the series is smart enough to put two and two together and realize some moves. Anyway , interest in the project was spur and flared up . This was reflected in the rankings – estimated newspaper The Daily Mirror, the first episode of the season scored an average of 9.2 million views, making the show one of the most popular designs channel BBC One.


New “Sherlock” was mostly well received by critics and audiences , although his universe noticeably changed its well-established laws. First of all, changed the characters favorite characters . Even the great sociopath and a cynic Sherlock became more humane and sentimental like a little delicate. In an interview with the British weekly Radio Times artist starring Benedict Cumberbatch has admitted that the change his character was a necessary and justified , “he regressed… But it really changed London: empty apartment , his best friend is engaged, and he does not know what do with it. Also he was nervous because you need to re-enter the life of John “(Martin Freeman). Besides, the company appears new and interesting and controversial character, to which the detective must quickly get used to. This is Mary Morstan , Watson’s wife , who brilliantly played Amanda Abbington.

Perhaps for these reasons, rushing headlong deduction first seasons here gives way to a quiet investigation. Yes and cold sobriety Sherlock, his open pleasure happening replaced by more prudent and humane behavior. However, this does not mean that the hero has become boring.


Conversely, Jeremy Lovering , Colm McCarthy and Nick Harran , directors of the new season , conceived to portray genius detective almost Hollywood superhero . He and the bike stops on the move , and the burning fire breaks , knows how to defuse the bomb at the time of activation, and in the third series comes to life in general only one willpower . In the new season, we see Sherlock man with his fears, childhood trauma , complex family relationships and weaknesses.


Besides the characters , and he became a different narrative tone . The authors themselves do not change , continuing to experiment with different genres. In the new season, the audience was offered an interactive detective, comedy and sci-fi thriller with elements of drama. Last succeeded best.


In the final series of ” His last vow” heroes face another dangerous villain – Charles Augustus Magnussenom (Lars Mikkelsen ) . He’s not acting and not enjoying himself as Moriarty, rather it is the opposite of the main serial baddie . He – a reptile with wet hands and dead eyes : “The whole world becomes wet from my touch .” Magnussen creates havoc with a calm, cool and even indifferent view , leaving the victim no chance. He – a truly fatal juggernaut resembling a natural disaster – flood or tsunami. It is inevitable and inexorable.

Interestingly, the Magnussen something similar to Sherlock , as double – shifter in a distorting mirror . He also has his palaces mind : a warehouse compromising blackmail – all fit on one villainous head. It is worth noting the best screenwriting course of the season. This time the audience has a chance to not only watch from the sidelines , but also down to the halls of the hero -like multiple levels of sleep, as in the movie “Inception” by Christopher Nolan . This powerful visual discovery made ​​a series of even more dynamic . And in general , the finale keeps the bar , not at all inferior to the previous stories of drama , tension and general virtuosity action.


However, isolation of the season leaves us with more questions than ever. The authors again resorted to the favorite method of complete stories – kliffhengeru and not allowing the previous intrigue. Steven Moffat has officially confirmed on Twitter that the fourth season to be, and Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman signed their contracts . And there is no doubt that the new series viewers will wait with the same impatience .

After all, ” the game is not over, just go on the new players .” New , Mr. Moffat ? Or still not completely forgotten old ?