5 facts about the controversial remake of “Robocop”

5 facts about the controversial remake of “Robocop”


Things could be worse … or better. First Hotshots remake of “Robocop” fans have caused tears of frustration mixed with delight, and a new trailer has made in their heated debate even more confusion (although it is a common condition of the fans). Black suit instead of silver! Red brake light instead of the famous semi-circular took! Surviving, in the end, the human hand! As a result, a new “Robocop” has turned out better than you were entitled to think, but worse than it could be.

1 Backbone storyline remained the same

On the streets of evil reigns bankrupt Detroit criminal hell Murphy police officer on duty receives extensive burn the body and moves to the metal armor with the assistance of the corporation OmniCorp. Quickly becomes clear that the brain embedded OmniCorp Murphy protocols for suppression of free will not work. The whole plan goes awry, and our hero is faced not only with the management of the corporation, which he, in fact, belongs to, but with an army of robots, completely devoid of human brains and associated reflections.

2 more shootings and less satire

It is important to bear in mind that the author of the original “Robocop” Paul Verhoeven meant primarily a satire on the soulless corporate world, and action and shooting were attached to the load. In the new film is not so: the real corporations have long behave much worse OmniCorp, and the new Robocop – much tougher old.

3 Beautiful Design

The film concentrates on the industrial design (note the air police drones and how Robocop falls in visor – want to reconsider this point in slow motion) and a beautiful firing with two hands.

4 Outstanding performances Actor

Since the main character is still almost invisible behind the helmet work for him Samuel L. Jackson in the role of the media magnate, Michael Keaton as a soulless corporate sharks and Gary Oldman as he see anyone. And they obviously get from what is happening in the movie sincere pleasure.

5 The film’s budget – $ 100 million

For the February premiere it very much. Since starring busy not very well-known actor (you could see it in the TV series “Murder”), and the characters starring in Hollywood usually work for food and praise, it is hoped that the bulk of the budget went to dog training robots.