African demanded $ 23 million for the prayers of electricity at the...

African demanded $ 23 million for the prayers of electricity at the 2010 World Cup


South African resident Lihtenbuga decided to sue the local power company 250 million rand (about 23 million dollars) for the prayers of electricity during the World Cup 2010. This lawsuit, filed in court a few days ago, reports

In a statement on behalf of the Nelson Thabo Modupe said that the company Escom owes him money, since it was he, not she is responsible for the supply of electricity to the stadiums and other facilities involved in the World Championship.

African indicated that asked God to prevent the shedding of uninterruptible power supplies, which could be the cause of lightning and strong winds. Prayers Module Escom allegedly saved from possible embarrassing situations related to the power outage during World Cup matches.

As energy companies have responded to the suit, is not specified. Also, do not specify when the court begins its consideration. Not reported as why Module, a member of Zion Christian Church, decided to go to court just now, in 2014.

World Cup held in South Africa from 11 June to 11 July 2010. The tournament was the first world championship in football, held in Africa. Matches of the tournament were held in ten stadiums in different cities of South Africa. Mundial then won the Spanish national team, which beat the Netherlands in the final team.