Five countries for a budget holiday in winter

Five countries for a budget holiday in winter


January 21, 2014 If you have not decided where to go for a vacation this winter – we offer you a selection of five interest cost tourist destinations, with diverse capabilities pastime Five countries for a budget holiday in winter

India – a dreamland, where the air is thoroughly imbued with mysteries and secrets, the country of the ancient sages and yogis, the country fascinating scenery! Selecting for winter recreation magnificent India, you will not regret it! After all, it caressing warm water of the Indian Ocean, the rich architectural and cultural heritage and a great beach vacation. If lying idle in the sun you prefer, even while on vacation, do not turn away from the path of spiritual development and self-improvement – choose not the most popular tourist spots, and meet the dawn meditation to the sounds of nature and the sound of the ocean!

Andorra – a small and beautiful principality, curl up in the Pyrenees, at the junction of France and Spain. It has long been gained glory for the country, ktoroym nassyschennogo great for a ski holiday! After all, well-equipped tracks and splendor of alpine landscapes will satisfy even the most discerning travelers – connoisseurs of quality winter pokatushek. Andorra is also a small perfect for all lovers of saturated shopping – prices here are much lower than in neighboring European countries, and the abundance of branded stores can not but rejoice!

As we have previously mentioned, Finland is perhaps the most suitable country for a family holiday! Of course, provided that you are a supporter of an active lifestyle. After more than a Finnish winter is rich in a variety of entertainment and fun: fishing, skiing, dog sledding, and of course, the famous Finnish sauna! Also, you can always enjoy the luxury of the country and an indoor water park and entertainment complex scientific “Eureka” where anyone, young and old will find something of interest! A huge plus – rent a cottage for the whole family here more than the budget can be, but if you prefer a more comfortable stay – offers the best spa hotels in the country.

Few people know it, but winter is perfect relaxing holiday Hungary in going where you can not only get a lot of new experiences, but also to improve health through local baths and sauna, swimming pool with mineral water and, after water treatment, relax in the final capable hands of Hungarian masseurs! Of course, most of the resorts with thermal springs are concentrated in the capital Budapest. One of the most popular and inexpensive can rightly be considered the pool “section”, where you can not only swim in the outdoor swimming pool and enjoy the bath procedures, while undergoing a course of improvement in the local mud baths!

Winter Tunisia – an ideal place for beautiful women who want to improve their health, shape up and get rid of the external signs of fatigue after the winter holidays. After all, here you can find perhaps the best thalassotherapy centers in the world! Also, stay in Tunisia – a perfect opportunity for a while to become the heroine of the real Arabian tale! So it’s time to go to Tunisia to everyone who wants to look younger, lose weight and prettier. Well, in between aging treatments you can enjoy strolling along the bright noisy bazaars, riding on camels across the Sahara, and thrill seekers can arrange a jeep safari in the desert.