Daniel Radcliffe on the Brooklyn Bridge, Ben Kingsley – the Museum

Daniel Radcliffe on the Brooklyn Bridge, Ben Kingsley – the Museum


Daniel Radcliffe to star in a new film producer “Kill Your Darlings” Ben Kingsley will be the pharaoh in the new Night at the Museum 3. Hugh Jackman has joined the cast of the movie Peter Pan. These and other news in our digest.

The next project Daniel Radcliffe will be “Brooklyn Bridge”, produced by playing Christine Vachon already worked with Radcliffe on the drama “Kill Your Darlings”. In the director’s chair – Douglas McGrath . Radcliffe will play a brilliant but inexperienced engineer, supervising the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge while his father died. Grief, fear and doubt assailed him, and in his desire to bring the work to the end of the hero comes to the obsession that threatens his health and family. However, he finds solace and support in the face of his wife’s charming and sensible. Filming should start in August 2014, which means that soon there will be news about what the actress will play the spouse of the protagonist.

Ben Kingsley has joined the cast of “Night at the Museum 3,” directed traditionally become Shawn Levy . Kingsley appears in the form of the dreaded Egyptian pharaoh, exhibited in one of the halls of the British Museum in London. Apart from him, busy in the film Rebel Wilson , Ben Stiller , Robin Williams , Owen Wilson , Steve Coogan and Ricky Gervaise. Comedy release scheduled for Christmas 2014.


Mother Teresa’s life could not go unnoticed film producers: biography nuns transferred to the screen twice already, and it seems that the audience expects another movie. Screenwriter “Hotel Rwanda”, Keir Pearson write the history, the center of which is the work of Mother Teresa in Calcutta in the 50s. Nun founded a monastic community “Missionary Sisters of Love” to help disadvantaged people of India. Under her patronage to build schools, hospitals and orphanages. For his efforts, Mother Teresa was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, and the Catholic Church canonized woman beatified.

According to the producers, the film will focus not on religious matters, and activities nuns, but not bypass the crisis of faith that she had ever experienced. The creators have already secured the consent of the Centre of Mother Teresa and claim that their picture will be the first official biopic about philanthropist. Filming could begin in late 2014, and the release is scheduled for spring-summer 2015.

Mike Newell takes up a new adaptation of “The Day of the Triffids.” The first movie based on this work was published in 1962, and in 2009 there was a miniseries with Joely Richardson . In the story the majority of the inhabitants of the earth lose their sight due to the comet rain, and those who still sees forced to fight predatory alien plants – the Triffids.

Hugh Jackman has finished negotiations with Warner Bros. and confirmed its participation in the new film about Peter Pan , which will put Joe Wright . Jackman got the role of a pirate named Blackbeard, which was previously offered to Javier Bardem . The studio is also calling the draft Garrett Hedlund for the role of Captain Hook. Recall that the main difference between the future movie from the book by J. JM Barrie is that the plot of ” Pan “is the future Captain Hook Peter ally in its fight against Blackbeard, and then moves to the other side. Picture is scheduled for release July 17, 2015.