New gadget wean baby hysterical because of video games

New gadget wean baby hysterical because of video games


Designer Sam Matheson invented the perfect solution to pacify the rage of players. And it does not involve breaking and throwing sticks at the TV screen various items.

Immersion – wireless Bluetooth-headset that captures the human heart. The principle is that if a player gets angry, unsuccessfully trying for the umpteenth time to go the same place in a particularly tricky game, and his heart rate jumps, the device makes the game even harder.

This may sound strange, but the point is to help the player to learn to cope with their emotions. After all, people will know that as soon as he starts to get angry, it will be impossible to go further. In this case, it is likely to make every effort to keep yourself in their hands. According to the author, the idea came to him while observing their play popular shooter Call of Duty brother.

Immersion is not yet possible to buy anywhere else, and certainly do not know how the players perceive the concept of this device (sure many would like to see the game became easier, not harder). Nevertheless, the idea is more than interesting, and we can only wait for the device to light.