Three Best Hotel With Detox Programs

Three Best Hotel With Detox Programs


Soon appear in stores open outfits from the spring-summer collections – and then it’s time to think about preparing the body to warm season! Editor of the culture and lifestyle Marina Grashchenkova found 3 places where you can get rid of toxins and excess pounds, and at the same time for a while to forget about winter.

Kalari Rasayana (India)

Scattered throughout the country many spa clinics and detox resorts of different levels, but this time our attention was attracted Hotel Kalari Rasayana, which opened in Kerala last year. The Ayurvedic retreat, located in a picturesque coconut grove on the shore of the lake, a detox program is carried out on natural ghee ghee and herbal tinctures that help maximize rid the body of toxins. And to help the body get used to this unusual diet, guests are offered to practice yoga nidra, restoring strength and energy.

Amansala Chica (Mexico)

Book a place at the hotel Amansala Chica, located close to Tulum, you must advance: ecoresort very popular with American tourists (Hollywood celebrities here too often drop). This place – the best option to stay on the system “with pleasure.” Of pleasant – clean beaches, colorful sunsets and sunrises as the view from the window, a stunning bar with fresh juices and spa on the roof of the hotel. Same maximum benefit can be obtained by passing a 5-day detox program based on the principles of raw food.

Harem Escape (Morocco)

If you want to turn away from the hustle and put in order not only the body but also the mind, should look at the retreat in Marrakech, where only women are invited. At the same time stay here can only 9 people – and that means exactly will fully relax in peace and quiet. Organic food, traditional Moroccan spa treatments and a lot of free time – it will look like about your leisure time at the hotel.