On the Internet a soundtrack to a film Arcade Fire “Her”

On the Internet a soundtrack to a film Arcade Fire “Her”


Soundtrack to Spike Jonze’s “Her” created by Canadian band Arcade Fire, wholly laid on the Web. All 13 tracks can be listened to online.

Authors soundtrack became Arcade Fire frontman Win Butler and Canadian composer and multi-instrumentalist Owen Palette, speaking under the pseudonym of Final Fantasy. For the music for the film “Her” the authors were nominated for “Oscar”.

Previously director Spike Jonze told reporters that song Arcade Fire «Supersymmetry», which is included in latest album «Reflektor» also initially recorded specially for his paintings, but then they decided to use otherwise. This formulation, however, also have a picture Jonze – she sounds during the end credits.

Jonze’s romantic comedy “Her” with Joaquin Phoenix starring tells about a writer who falls into the operating system, which eventually acquires human qualities. Scarlett Johansson voiced program. The world premiere took place in October, Russian rolling it goes on February 27.