Money is not a toy for children … and start-up capital

Money is not a toy for children … and start-up capital


Can we teach children to competently manage finances? Since childhood instill in them respect for money? Possible and necessary, experts say!

UK: earn to pay

These college schoolgirl in Bournemouth UK participate in an unusual experiment. 10 pound a ticket, which they receive from the hands of the teachers should spend wisely – so as to obtain at least a small profit.

Project Director Catherine Lagman explains: “The idea of ​​the experiment – to instill in them an interest in financial planning. We do not run the risk, as you can see, large sums. However, it has issued enough money to start his own project on the sly.”

So, 10 pounds plus a month on to extract capital pribyl.Dani Georgia and decide to open a makeshift bar. Here you can buy food for school breakfast. Time to balance. Of the sub-10 pounds each of the girls received 12 pounds of pure profit. The money the girls decided to put on charity. They – the project participants help animals. Orangutan Sylvester – their mentee. Veterinary care and vitamins it receives from the funds collected by enthusiastic philanthropists.

Thailand: Children’s bank instead Potbelly

In this school, everything. as all the lessons changes dining. You bought lunch, and you still have money? Run the school bank.! Yes, right in front of the school is a small bank, opened under the auspices of the project “Student Bank.” His task – to teach the young and even small inhabitants Tailnada respectful and serious attitude to pinch pennies. Help them learn the basics of investing and saving money.

The project started in 2005. To date, it involves 30 schools in the country. Aggregate savings pupils exceed 130,000 euros.

Alvin Hall’s American dream: to get rich on forces everyone!

The ability to spend money wisely can bring people out of poverty. Yes, the American financial guru Alvin Hall sure that the secret financial prosperity – not millions, but in an orderly relation to each cent. He, by the way, he passed this way: “I grew up in a poor family in the American South. We were so poor that, probably, until the end of his name would not have finished writing – of saving ink. ” Today Hall – authoritative financial consultant and educator. It-supporter combining mathematics lessons and the basics of accounting: “We need to determine how much money you have and what are your goals. And it does not matter whether it is a small budget, or the millions: the only approach. Necessary to achieve a balance in the account. Necessary to put short-term and long-term financial goals and monitor both fronts all the time. “