The offender was caught thanks to the stupidity and Facebook

The offender was caught thanks to the stupidity and Facebook


Some people are just born to expand the limits of human stupidity . Leskovichi offender James – one of them. After all, the story of how he fell into the hands of justice, outrageously funny.

American tabloid The Times Leader published a funny story about how the usual culprit published photograph “WANTED” with his countenance, which he downloaded from the site of the police department, on a personal page on the social networking site Facebook. Arrested him in exactly one hour after that.

The police department of the city Freeland (Pennsylvania) regularly publishes photographs of wanted criminals on its website. In English, these photos are called «mugshot» – the picture was arrested, made at the police station immediately after his arrest. With images of police published an appeal to local residents, asking for their help in establishing the location of the criminals.

James Leskovichi to find your photo in “Wanted police” immediately downloaded it to your computer and posted a photo on your personal page in Facebook. More convincing, he still weighed Kolko joke against the local police and even noted on the picture page of the police station Freeland, the servants of the law could appreciate its stunning humor as soon as possible.

Police joke overall and immediately create a fake page of some attractive young girl on whose behalf the perpetrator entered into an intimate conversation. Being a man of narrow-minded and greedy for a woman’s attention, James quickly agreed to meet with a fan of his criminal genius and appointed rendezvous in town. About half an hour on his wrists already snaps handcuffs.

One may laugh at the hapless felon, but that such cases occur more and more often. Sharing Services together with the human desire for self-assertion quickly do their job. Criminals boast loot online, then immediately fall behind bars. But, it would seem that it may be easier: just sit and not put out and you will be happy. But people tend to seek adventure in the fifth point of support and do anything about it, unfortunately, can not. That’s how social networks are on the custody order and help police fight crime.