Philippine police accused of using “torture roulette”

Philippine police accused of using “torture roulette”


The Philippines was suspended ten police officers accused of torturing prisoners, according to a press release from the human rights organization Amnesty International. Methods of torture they chose using homemade roulette.

While estranged policeman charged with administrative offenses. It is expected that against them and may initiate criminal proceedings.

Mainly subjected to abuse suspects in crimes related to drugs. According to Agence France-Presse , all of them kept in a private house converted under prison. According to investigators, her staff created the intelligence department of the police in the capital’s suburbs Binyan (BiƱan).

Makeshift prison opened after authorities received a complaint from one of the victims of police. A total of 44 people complained of torture. In the room where they were kept showed a table with a tape with the names of torture sectors. With the help of the method chosen jailers bullying prisoners.

One embodiment of violence called “Manny-Pacman.” This meant that the victim was beaten continuously for 20 seconds. This title this torture was in honor of the famous Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao. In “Pose bat” for half a minute prisoner hung upside down. Moreover, adds Associated Press , victims tortured with electric shocks and beaten with steel rods, baseball bats and other items.

Release of human rights defenders, the police tortured suspects for fun. It adds the AFP, they resorted to bullying and to get them to the desired testimony. During torture jailers put on masks and wigs to further scare their victims, and often drunk.

Police firing incidents of torture occurred in the Philippines before. According to AP, in 2010 in one of the capital’s offices immediately fired 11 people who were accused of torturing a robbery suspect.