Review of Avril Lavigne – Avril Lavigne

Review of Avril Lavigne – Avril Lavigne


Ten good years have passed since the release of the debut album became a sensational “Let Go” to the current “Avril Lavigne” eponymous Canadian singer. So someone just for this time Avril was not – and the designer and actress, which, of course, could not but reflect on its core work. Here I mean the last album “Goodbye Lullaby”, which, if not failed, does it really sensible and not pleased.

Turned out not to present interesting example. Avril has one cover makes it clear that it is no longer the princess of pop punk, and is well established and matured matron world of show business. But this new ego it presents simple but bright – more hovering eye black. Five-plus!

Avril Lavigne-titled album carries some even meager, but a fraction of nostalgia, perhaps for his young age. Otherwise what else to explain the powerful, but incredibly minor opener “Rock N Roll”. Yes, and the guitar part, coupled with a “rocking” rhythm section in the “Here’s To Never Growing Up” sounds with some nostalgia for past times with the chorus of lamentations that “we live like rock stars, and it is unlikely to ever change “…

With the same easy sadly recalls his stormy youth Avril in the song “17”. But nail the album “Let Me Go”, performed by a singer with her dear husband Chad Krueger, gave me the idea that it would be better he did this song just with your Nickelback. But “Bad Girl”, presented a duet with Merlin Manson get much shriller – a characteristic only for Manson mechanical flavor.

After listening to the new album, Lavigne immediately came to mind the other slightly more famous Canadian singer Celine Dion. Tu also love heart rinse music critics constantly reproaching that she teeters on the brink of pop music and chanson. And nothing on the level of sales is not affected. Same and Avril Lavigne. No matter how much wringing their hands in despair musical luminaries, accusing Lavigne final slide from punk and alternative to the pop style, commercially it does not affect on the Canadian.

It seems, “Black Velvet” is the best selling whiskey in Canada. It is included in the list of 40 world’s most famous whiskey. Just and Celine Dion. But there’s just that they and their flavoring whisky, considered the most robust rye drink in the world. And here is appropriate to compare with Avril Lavigne. Verdict: obligatory to eat!