Review film “I, Frankenstein”

Review film “I, Frankenstein”


Film “I, Frankenstein” trying to be a diligent follower of the first part of “Another World” with demons, angels, grim entourage and hero-warrior. Unfortunately, there is no effect of novelty, and the picture resembles Frankenstein’s monster – coarse thread linked set of clichés.

In the new interpretation of the classic novel Dr. Frankenstein has breathed life into the creation assembled from pieces of different bodies, but was so impressed by his work that he decided to drown him. The result of the experiment survived and killed the wife of the creator. Soon the doctor himself is killed by the cold, trying to catch a monster.

Monster decides to give “father” last respects and buries him in the family cemetery. There he encounters with demons and representatives of the forces of light – gargoyles, able to take human form. After the unexpected love he receives the name of Adam, magic weapons … and sent to hell. 200 years later he returns to the modern city.

Eventful start, as well as harsh hero augur well for at least not boring fiction thriller. But soon the story turns into a predictable mess of moldy stamps. The hero is a key figure, able to decide this battle of good and evil, characters polfilma run for an important artifact in this drawn mere mortals.

– I do not like everything.

Interesting contradictions within organizations, both in the same “another world”, no. Attempts writers show differences in the camp gargoyles only spoil the impression of the character of individual characters. Some appear not the most adequate heads, others – banal “cool mordovorotov” and predictable villains embody plan on returning to the ground infernal legions. All this is accompanied by tedious speeches about higher matters and inappropriate romance.

Worst of all is that “I, Frankenstein” is teeming with conventions that do not get ignored. “The war for humanity” – is the protection location codenamed “Cathedral.” Caches demons are almost a step away from the place of residence the forces of Good. Generally in the film a sense of wholeness, the grand universe. Even people here are less common than mythical creatures. Hordes of evil resemble what the crowd of protesters adolescents, the parody of Agent Smith from “The Matrix Reloaded.”


In all this obscurantism have a couple of nice moments. Adam produces not a bad impression with a scarred face with a stern expression consistently. Villains take true form and fuse with the demonic curse hero. In the behavior of the characters and there is no hint of originality, but for such a primitive and sometimes absurd narrative that’s enough.

Finally, when Adam, gargoyles and demons begin to fight problems with the plot sidelined. Warriors jump across rooftops soar skyward, cut each other melee weapons, destroying the building. Mass slaughter replaced fights alone. Even low (12 years) age rating is not annoying. Body of fallen demons in flames, and they go to hell to the accompaniment of colorful effects.

History somehow sewn from varying degrees of hackneyed cliches and surprises just outright nonsense. Dialogues evoke boredom, as well as attempts to pull drama writers about being immortal monster. But Adam is not without charm, the villains are hellish demons with characteristic manners. Spectacular fights. If you ignore this movie, it’s absolutely nothing to lose. But as a “viewing on time” has come.