Review of The Killers – Direct Hits

Review of The Killers – Direct Hits


American rock band The Killers are going to celebrate its tenth anniversary. And any celebration is complete without a gift, especially in the round date. A year later, when she came fourth plate rockers “Battle Born”, a week ago, the musicians presented the first collection of hits “Direct Hits”, which includes the lead single “Shot At The Night”, the new song “Just Another Girl”, a remix by British DJ Kelvin Harris on the hit “When You Were Young”. Naturally on the record was not without legendary hits: “Somebody Told Me”, “Smile Like You Mean It”, “Mr. Brightside “,” Read My Mind “,” Human “and others.

The word “brand new” just be very appropriate, if we describe a new creation The Killers – “Shot At The Night”. Six months ago it was announced that Brandon Flowers and his team is working on something new with French musician Anthony Gonzalez of M83 electric project. After electronics released their record “Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming”, and recorded several soundtracks for films fantastic, there was no doubt that those who have already become legendary, rockers from Las Vegas to add to your little creativity “elektronschiny.” This is exactly what the fans are not used to The Killers or even they themselves, by their remarkable live sound at concerts.

Mysterious and pleasant melody in the beginning, gentle but insistent voice simultaneously Flowers sings the first lines of the song. While electronics alternates with shock. The chorus is also dominated by electro-sound, but here already know most of those musicians who do not betray their former sound.

When listening to “Shot At The Night” is experiencing one of the most brilliant periods in rock music – 80th. At the same time, most of the music and text breathes something mysterious, almost like the song says – “something a bit mystical.”

It’s safe to say that Anthony Gonzalez brought some novelty to the sound of The Killers: we know those old guys who in 2003 gave us his most important hit “Somebody Told Me”, who were not afraid to experiment.

In the work of these artists coming new decade in which they stepped confident with something completely new, like “Shot At The Night”.

Guys could not leave his compilation without something such that reminded him of how The Killers achieved global recognition. The new track “Just Another Girl”, in which the energy mix of songs “Human” and “Read My Mind”, probably meant an album along with synth-rock track “Shot At The Night”, to make it clear to the listener, The Killers are not part with their romantic lyrics and recognizable sound. Easy Start song, which dominates the acoustic guitar is a long time coming into loud holiday – after the first chorus, we hear quite a strong bass and an indispensable tool for presentations Brandon Flowers – keyboards.

In one of his interviews, American rock quartet unflatteringly about pop music in the United States. To be more assertive in their statements they decided to invite to record remixes popular now British musician Calvin Harris. Besides, The Killers celebrate its 10th anniversary than with the release of the first album, and from the day when their first performance took place in the capital of the United Kingdom – London.

Probably any music fan already very familiar with the works of Harris, who previously collaborated with pop diva Rihanna, Ellie Golding pretty Englishwoman and other artists. In the treasury advances Kelvin added a duet with The Killers. Deluxe version of “Direct Hits” includes a remix from Calvin Harris on the song “When You Were Young”, which sounds familiar to all producer, it is the easy bit and unobtrusive melody. As previously confessed himself a musician, working on such legendary hit brought him great pleasure.

Once the network has a tracklist collection “Direct Hits”, many fans were in the wrong – why is listed in the composition “The Way It Was”, which, despite the expectations of fans, did not become a single, and especially radio -hit. But it is known that the team is not so important commercial success of the singles, as the popularity of the song at concerts. Not so long ago ended the tour in support of last record The Killers “Battle Born”, which initially hit song “The Way It Was”: Brandon Flowers it is used in almost every concert tour as a greeting to the audience. We can assume that it is due to fans this romantic ballad became a hit.

According to participants of The Killers, a collection of “Direct Hits” they decided to finish the first chapter of its history. Not so long ago, Ronnie Vannucci revealed the truth that the compilation and could not go on sale. Of course, many tend to think that the issue of the collection – it’s just a worthless way to screw down the actor’s attention and earn a little extra money. But The Killers almost shelled out for his promotion, releasing only one single, “Shot At The Night”. So “Direct Hits” debuted last week in the UK charts at number six, and the single managed to reach only 25 lines. Someone condemn musicians omission in progress, while others say it’s just a gift for the fans and that soon can we expect the next chapter of the remarkable history of The Killers.