Review of the movie “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”

Review of the movie “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”


Today no surprise attempts to try his hand at directing. Actors, composers, screenwriters, producers, other actors and cinema, and even ordinary people are willing to try myself in this field. That’s only possible to really stand out is not for everyone and these can be counted on the fingers of only one hand. One of them can be called Ben Stiller, who was one of the best directors of our time, whose successful acting career even manages to stay in the shadows. Here and there Stiller pleased perhaps one of the best paintings in his career. First time in his career, he departed from the usual commercial projects for himself and took a real author indie project that might not pay off. But this is not even the whole point. After all, the real art defies account. It must be felt and seen. So when watching this tape manages to feel the impact of both the first and second.

It would seem that nothing particularly outstanding work Stiller is not allocated, but miraculously she manages to make a huge impression. The film is literally drenched with very warm, light and pleasant emotions that literally envelop when viewing this painting. Actually like to see magnificent worth shooting tape operator Stuart Dryburgh. Every scene, every detail, every landscape literally combines all the beauty around us. With literally perfectly captures the basic essence of the tape and allows even more strongly imbued with what is happening on the screen. Be even through surrealism, which is decorated quite interesting transitions from fantasy to reality protagonist and vice versa. Whether it’s a single romantic fantasies, or rather comic and spectacular fight scene with the chief protagonist for a toy.

Review of the movie "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty"

So heartfelt and wonderful stories I have not seen for a long time. The movie is very positive and bright image creates an image of a very vital tale, which is largely based on all around us. After all, there is no place in the picture fantastic characters and events. And so they have around. One has only to open his eyes wider, and look back to see them. The film is literally re-educates the viewer and gives the notion that beauty is all around us and there is no sense to accentuate their problems. Actually like to dream a lot. We only need to act to implement all their desires and live deeply. After all, nothing is just and necessary to achieve his happiness itself. Not necessarily born a unique person and a superhero, what would make a unique and great deeds.

So how exactly do we ourselves can make even a small role very important person. This movie is interesting enough protest monotonous existence in this life. Be part of office plankton, or deprived of the joy of life man. Instead of having to call for anti-social rebellion, as many tapes, film acting otherwise. Just picking up all the best in us when viewing, forcing a look at the world around us with different eyes and just rethink their values.

Ben Stiller is not a bad actor, but very often he plays is the same type and malovydayuschiesya role. This film became that exception. As director tape Stiller clearly picked for yourself is not just an ideal role, but perhaps one of the best roles he performed in his entire career. Stiller plays Walter’s not just on the screen, and lives by himself, his dreams, his fantasies and his life. Very nice and Kristen Wiig, who first played on my mind a role not unnerve me the whole movie. Adam Scott is in its habitual manner already played for the canonical image of themselves shaped bastard. It is worth noting a very short and episodic, but very vivid and memorable appearance of Sean Penn on screen. Small role, but certainly one of the most powerful of the actor for the last 5-6 years for sure.

9 out of 10

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty – a film-emotion, which is literally soaked them and film-message, which is designed to change people’s values ​​and allow to see the beauty in the world around us. Definitely Best director Ben Stiller in the wrapper is very beautiful and profound author indie movie.