New shotgun shells will prepare game on the fly

New shotgun shells will prepare game on the fly


Recently we wrote about the shotgun shells, charged vegetable seeds and plants. The invention, in spite of all innovation, for this hunt would not do. But Season Shot – how.

Season Shot – this shotgun shells scored spices instead of metal pellets. Hunt with them, incidentally, can be as effective: for ducks flying by charge “mustard” buckshot will be as deadly as a charged shot of classic weapons ammunition. But for the difference will be noticeable arrow.

Because in order to taste the meat produced bird hunter will very carefully pick out from its carcass large number of tiny pellets, remaining there after the hit. Not only that this process is very tedious, so still and anyone during a delicious dinner unlucky to miss bits of metal, risks losing teeth.

Season Shot With such problems will not in principle. The fact is that when frying meat “environmentally friendly” buckshot simply dissolve in it and give the food a nice spicy flavor. In general, the teeth are intact and tasty bird.

According to the creator cartridges Brett Hill, the idea came to him several years ago. While hunting with a friend, he noted that the most pleasant, in theory, the stage of hunting, cooking, turns to both of them in the flour. Literally had to examine every millimeter game, looking buckshot. And even then, none of them was sure that you do not accidentally swallow a tiny metal ball.

Hill has not yet begun full-scale production of ammunition with spices ready only a few working prototypes – with Cajun seasoning, lemon pepper, teriyaki and honey mustard. Yummy!