The star of “50 shades of gray” Jamie Dornan in advertising Hogan

The star of “50 shades of gray” Jamie Dornan in advertising Hogan


A screen adaptation of the erotic novel by EL James has not yet emerged, and the actor who plays Christian Grey, already torn apart. Jamie Dornan after approval of the role seems to be undergoing a rebirth as a model.

Jamie Dornan came to the film industry of the fashion business. On account of his numerous shooting shirtless in advertising campaigns for various brands and magazines. As a boy model, he twisted romance with Keira Knightley, who already was a Hollywood star of the first magnitude. Dornan could not accept the fact that his passion was more famous than he. Young people have left. Disadvantaged pride seems to have become an excellent incentive for Jamie Dornan. Immediately after the break with Jamie ondebyutiroval Keira Knightley in the movie. He got the role of Count Fersen, lover of Marie Antoinette, in Sofia Coppola’s film itself “Marie Antoinette.” His partner on the set was already eminent Kirsten Dunst.

Last year was a turning point in her acting career, Jamie Dornan. He was the main actor in the TV series “Crash”, where his partner on the set was the star of “The X-Files’ Gillian Anderson also starred in the title role in the melodrama« Flying Home »Belgian director and nominee for” Oscar “Deryuddera Dominica. But the greatest luck in 2013 – is, of course, offer the role of Christian Grey in the movie “50 shades of gray.” After approval for this role , Jamie Dornan, immediately ran into a Hollywood A-list and, naturally, became popular advertising face.

Offers not long to wait, the more that the newly rich actor model past. “50 shades of gray,” yet to be removed, and Jamie Dornan has become the face of the advertising campaign for spring-summer 2014 brand Hogan. While filming the movie, we can brighten up the waiting kinovoploscheniya Christian Gray, seeing a promotional video featuring Jamie Dornan.

Filming took place in Venice. Video called “Another look at Venice.” Together with Jamie Dornan in advertising starred supermodel

Constance Jablonski. Young people walk around the Place Saint Mark’s Square and go boating on the channels. Filming took place in October last year in Venice.

«Hogan – cool modern Italian brand. Some brands only want to stand out, but Hogan really stands out,”- commented on his collaboration with the brand 31-year-old actor. Hogan is based in Milan and manufactures women’s, men’s and children’s accessories. Print brand advertising campaign featuring Jamie Dornan appears in publications in February.