Tarantino wants a million

Tarantino wants a million


Quentin Tarantino online newspaper accused of violating his copyright on the script “Ugly Eight”

Quentin Tarantino will sue the company Gawker Media – article posted links to the network script for the film “Horrid eight” edition can do $ 1 million

Directed by Quentin Tarantino sued Gawker Media media companies for violating its copyright in the script of the film “Horrid eight”. Copy of the script appeared online last week, and the site Gawker was the first who reported the leak.

Tarantino, by his own admission, was “very, very depressed” because of the publication, and then announced the cancellation of shooting pictures.

Action «The Hateful Eight» occurs in Wyoming shortly after the American Civil War. Bounty hunter must deliver to the city woman, for which he will receive a $ 10 thousand, on the way they are joined by several others, each of which may be an accomplice to his ward. Role in the film was to be played by Michael Madsen (played in “Reservoir Dogs” and “Kill Bill”) and “Django liberated”, and this with the agents of these actors Tarantino tied disclosure scenario. Yet according to one version, as written by some media, the emergence of the network scenario paintings contributed just directed in order to self-promotion.

However, the lawsuit shows the seriousness of the Tarantino punish those who did not allow him to make a new film – the best Hollywood documents prepared by lawyers, and the amount in dispute is $ 1 million director admitted that he planned to publish the script and the practice in the past has brought him a good income. When the District Court of California will hear the case is still unknown.

«Gawker Media is on the way predatory journalism, violating the human right is to make money.

But this time they went too far. Rather than simply report the occurrence of such a scenario without making it public, Gawker Media violated journalistic ethics, saying readers of myself as a first source, who gave illegal access to the text of the script “- quotes the lawsuit newspaper The Guardian.

Gawker Media – the American media company, which also owns eight blogging platforms (such as eg Gizmodo and io9), dedicated to different areas – from science to sex and life of stars. This is one of the most successful and most visited online publications. The company has already become a party to litigation. In October 2012 at Gawker sued former wrestler and TV star Hulk Hogan – newspaper published a video in which he has sex with his best friend’s girlfriend. Court in Florida ordered Gawker to remove the publication along with all the comments, but a federal judge decided differently, seeing in the decision of the First Amendment violation.

Guilt in Gawker deny the case with Tarantino.

The publication indicates that its reporters were not involved in the appearance of the script in the public domain: document was placed on file servers and AnonFiles Scribd, as the company was informed by one of our readers. And, of course, employees Gawker just done their work – published news about the incident, giving a link to material posted on the network, so under the copyright law of his actions do not fall. In addition, the publication noted that it is Tarantino’s “inflated” leak into the whole story.

However, Tarantino will be judged not only media company, but also with the site AnonFiles. Surrender is not going to Gawker and promise to fight to the end. The reaction of an anonymous server owners are not reported.