This year the sale will be mobile cinema that is worn on...

This year the sale will be mobile cinema that is worn on the head


Company Avegan (USA) was able to collect on Kickstarter $ 250 thousand for the production of the device Glyph, which developers called “mobile cinema”, just 4 hours. And for the night were collected $ 550 thousand

Mobile Cinema Glyph – a combination of headphone and glasses, which allows you, as the developers say the device “images more vivid than you’ve ever seen.”

In Glyph image is projected onto the retina and thereby obtained as realistic as possible. The developers claim that it would be perfect for watching movies and video games.

In describing the project Kickstarte says that users of this project is more than just consumers or testers. “Project sponsors are investing in the future of displays and take part in a project that can really change the world of video,” – say the authors of the project.

It is known that the weight of 450 grams gadget. It will be available in three colors: black, white and blue. Device due to the battery can work continuously for 3 hours and then it can be recharged via microUSB. Glyph is compatible with Android tablets and iOS, as well as smartphones.

Glyph price starts at $ 499. It is known that the company will be completed on Kickstarter 21 February, and the first users will be able to get the device at the end of the year.