10 countries that are most likely to take advantage of tourists

10 countries that are most likely to take advantage of tourists

10 countries advantage tourists wovow.org 01
10 countries advantage tourists wovow.org 01

Along with ancient customs, which should see the local food, which is necessary to try and souvenirs that are worth to buy, each country has its own ways of cheating tourists. Most working schemes exist on the most popular destinations: Egypt, Turkey and Asia, but European scammers are not far behind. In this article we have collected 10 most “deceptive” countries.



Egypt – one of the countries in which fraud can be found at every turn. It all starts with the figures of the gemstone that in fact would be a colored soap, and ends with the tourist can not get off the camel, Bedouin without paying a decent amount. And, of course, the local taxi drivers who have 1000 and 1 way to trick unsuspecting foreigner.

  • you need to specify the price at once – before getting into the car
  • best ride on a dedicated taxi meter equipped
  • need to give money, already coming out of the car
  • if you intend to surrender, then you need to pick it up first, and only then stretching its bill
  • in any case not to exchange money to the taxi driver: small to large and vice versa



In Agility with Egyptian taxi drivers can compete only Turkish. For example, to give the wrong change, as local money and very similar traveler sometimes can not immediately distinguish them from each other. Also in Turkey are often deceived girls in bars. Local “macho” acquainted with tourist allegedly treats them, says that he had to absent himself for a moment – and disappears, and eventually pay for himself, and it accounts for girls.



Friendly at first glance Thais can also bring a lot of trouble. For example, they are caught in the Royal Palace in Bangkok, lone travelers and offer a tour “on another beautiful palace”, and on the way stop in “another interesting place.” At best, this place would be the jewelry shop where tourists will impose glass trinkets.

When renting a motorbike, car and bike there is a risk of running into the allegation that it was a tourist scratched the vehicle and must pay a large fine. The recommendation here is one: to photograph all damage during the initial examination in the presence of the landlord. Still here with the help of juicy photos are often lured foreigners on allegedly free sex shows, and eventually not allowed to leave the club, until they pay a certain sum of money.



In this “paradise island” are not people-trained animals. Near Uluwatu Temple foraged gang of monkeys, which tighten with visitors all that glitters: chains, glasses, earrings, rings – and even climb in backpacks and bags. Cope with these nimble apes alone is difficult, but after a few minutes will necessarily “good man” who will offer to return the stolen “for a small fee.” Therefore, going here, it’s best not to take anything of value and remove all jewelry.



The main “enemy” of the tourist in India – skin color. That it is distinguished visitors from local and trying to make money at every step of travelers, be it baggage claim, finding a toilet or unusual treatments on the beach. Indian taxi drivers like to arrange for foreigners “cultural program”, carrying them solely the souvenir shops.

At every step of tourists here expecting “win-win lottery” for a prize which will need to be sure to pay, and beggars who have excellent warning system: it is necessary to give alms to one – as after him catch up 20-30 and will demand the same.

When visiting museums and other attractions in any case should not be left at the entrance of the technique because “remove prohibited”: so it can never see. In such cases, it is best to seek the help of a guide or demonstratively remove batteries from the camera and promise nothing to shoot.



In China cashing in on amateur pearls and silk, selling fake and costs of natural materials. A real gem offers the following features:

  • in the drill hole for the thread can not see any layers of paint
  • if its throw, it bounces off the table, like a ball
  • she almost always rough and cool unlike flawlessly smooth and warm artificial beads

Silk should be checked, burning skin. Natural ash can grind your fingers and it will smell of burnt hair and Artificial fabric will melt and distribute chemical smell. If such an experiment is not allowed to spend, it is better to turn around and go to another store.



In the “most romantic country” love to play on the feelings. Somewhere near the Eiffel Tower Frenchman gives a woman flowers, and a few meters of his friends call for them 20 €. Or here’s another: there is currently a tourist, not bothering anyone, suddenly it stops and someone shows him at his feet, where the ring is, and then proposes to divide the prey into two parts, giving ring hapless tourist and asking in return “some 100 €”.

But the saddest thing for fashionistas – it’s fake Louis Vuitton bags and Chanel, which are sold at every step. When you try to take her home can be a “black list” of the police.



“Sensitivity” of fraud is not alien to the Italians, but they are more likely to use a sense of compassion. Thus, the squares can meet many deceivers, who collect money in his pocket under the guise of charitable organizations. Two of the most favorite Italian fraudsters attractions – the Colosseum and St. Peter’s Cathedral.

In the first case, the promise to relieve tourists from the queue and take it for 2-3 times more than the cost of the ticket, while the second – make free admission paid (and the price will depend on the degree of naivete foreigner). In Italian restaurants often billed for meals that nobody ordered, so you need to carefully check the list in check.



In the homeland of bullfighting and flamenco’s most popular trick for weaning money from foreigners – please another “tourist” to photograph it. He sends his victim camera, and while it brings focus, hand it has enough “police” and indicts theft. Burke offer for a tidy sum.



Cuba deceive those who love poshikovat. There instead of expensive cigars can very easily slip a fake, especially if the buyer never smoked them before and understands nothing. For best quality products to go to specialty stores in tobacco factories.