10 countries with the fewest tourists

10 countries with the fewest tourists


This list will be useful for those who love to travel, but not happy with the crowds of tourists with cameras. In these countries there, what to see. Visit them less often than other only because of the small size or isolated location.

Some countries and territories, namely Afghanistan, Greenland, North Korea, Kosovo, Liberia, Mauritania and Somalia, were immediately excluded from the list compiled by the World Bank on international flights.

10. Liechtenstein – 53,000 visitors a year

If you consider the fact that the population of Liechtenstein is only 36,000 people, it is no wonder that every year visit this country of 53 thousand tourists. Principality occupies only 160 square kilometers, but, nevertheless, stands out among the other small countries incredible mountain scenery and beautiful capital. Tourists who have money can do something more interesting than just a visit to the country – to rent it for a day for 70 thousand dollars. Obviously, the locals remain, but tourists will get the keys to the entire city will be able to taste the wine of the estate of Prince Hans-Adam II and stay in rented accommodation, which can accommodate 150 guests.


9. Sierra Leone – 52,000 visitors a year

Sierra Leone is recovering from a long civil war and the terrible atrocities that rocked the country in the 90 years of the last century, but without a doubt restored. The country’s capital Freetown is known for its vibrant nightlife and beautiful beaches as well as in Sierra Leone, you can see the beautiful scenery and visit the national park. The female half of the world’s population considers this country a better place because of the sixth, Freetown awarded in the category “Most interesting man.”


8. East Timor – 51,000 visitors a year

East Timor – one of the youngest countries in the world, gained independence from Indonesia in 2002 after a terrible nearly 30-year civil war. Cruelty stopped together with independence, but East Timor is still one of the poorest countries on the planet. That is why tourism is not developed. But there are abundant pristine beaches and rich underwater life boils.


7. Tonga – 46,000 visitors a year

Tonga – the only kingdom remaining in the South Pacific, and the first country in Oceania, where the start time zones to the east. The country is called “the place where time begins.” Only 46,000 tourists visit this country every year because of the isolated location. However, to visit the kingdom worth it, because here a large number of incredibly beautiful white sand beaches, plenty of places to dive and then you can see the whales.


6. Solomon Islands – 23,000 visitors a year

Solomon Islands – a group of islands in the South Pacific between Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu, which includes hundreds of sparsely inhabited islands. The biggest barrier for tourists is the remote location of Solomon Islands and poor infrastructure. However, if the tourists still get here, their eyes gaze difficult terrain, as well as the best places in the world for diving.


5. Moldova – 11,000 visitors a year

Moldova is considered the most unattractive country for tourists throughout Europe. There are several reasons for this: the country is located between Romania and Ukraine – is hard enough to get here, there is no particularly interesting tourist places, and the country is a breakaway republic, which resembles the Soviet Union.


4. Sao Tome and Principe – 8,000 tourists a year

Sao Tome and Principe – are two small islands off the coast of Equatorial Guinea in Africa. Previously, the state was a colony of Portugal. Now the islands are known for their peaceful lifestyle, impenetrable jungle and pristine beaches. Also, there are many dive sites. It is likely that in the future the country will leave this list and will be popular among tourists.


3. Kiribati – 5,300 tourists a year

Kiribati – a small island state in the Pacific. Hawaii is located approximately two thousand miles to the north and is the nearest populated area. Kiribati can reach by air from Honolulu, which is sent once a week. The island, which is shocking white sand beaches and tropical jungle, you can also get from the Fiji Islands or Nauru.


2. Marshall Islands – 5,000 tourists a year

Once is not popular because of U.S. nuclear weapons tests of the island now known diving and beautiful coral reefs. Bikini Atoll is mainly known for a large number of wrecks which divers swim. You can explore the Court of the Second World War. Tourists can also visit other islands, located near Marshall.


1. Tuvalu – 1,200 tourists a year

Finally, the first place. Group of islands Tuvalu attends only about 20 people a week. The islands are located right in the middle of the Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and Australia. Group of Islands Tuvalu also known because the most popular domain name. Tv, which was sold in the early twentieth century, for $ 50 million. The only way to reach the island – through a popular island of Fiji, where you can fly on flights airline Fiji Airways.