10.06.2014 10:41

10 reasons to give up the TV

How often do you come home, exhausted and fell on the couch watching TV? And so every day – in the evening, filled only by the light absorption of the screen and what we offer. Endless stream of advertising, sitcoms, shows – you gradually lost in the selection, all the pictures are merged into one, and in your head raging hurricane information.

You’re wasting your time

TV sucks, hours pass in seconds. And, apparently, you just came home – and here it is necessary to go to sleep already. And during this time you could have done a lot more – to do a favorite hobby, do some aerobics, write letters and sign cards, cook a delicious dinner – a lot of cases, do not carry them in the background after the tv box.

You devouring incredible dose of advertising


Do you need a dozen times at night to learn about new yogurts, shampoos, pads and tablets? After all this information, you can easily learn from the sales consultants. Why interrupt watching a movie intrusive advertising and absorb it, if you can watch a movie on a computer?

You get lost in the choice

You think that the presence of fifty channels opens in front of you a large selection? Far from it. This is just one piece of information in a variety of interpretations. Did not happen like that when you’re in for half an hour to change channels one after the other? Gradually, the impossibility of choice can go to privacy, and you begin to doubt the decisions are constantly trying to find prerogative.

You polneesh on TV

While watching TV, man is able to unwittingly eat many times more food than the usual dinner. What can we say about the beer and chips, which so often people eat while watching TV shows and movies? If we watch TV – do not lie log and at least go for a drive on a stationary bike!

You lose your point of view

This is especially true for those who watch the news on only one channel. Generally, for an objective assessment of reality also read news on the internet and newspapers – so you get to make a real, personal opinion. After each channel presents news from their point of view, whatever may be said about the objectivity of the media. Therefore, it is likely that gradually you will think about this or that event exactly as it was presented in the story.

You do not get enough sleep

TV takes a lot of time. Shaw tightened until midnight, after which you also offer post-show look. As a result, you can go to sleep and in the light of the screen, and sleep on the couch in the fetal position until the morning. Of course, your sleep will be disturbed, and is unlikely to get a rest for the night.
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You lose the moral principles


In television generally works very well “Five C”. Person interested in sex, death, fear, sensation and scandal. These are the topics in beat news stories, dramas and even advertising. As a result, you absorb information, it is limited to this framework. In the movie, people are killed, though playing the war soldiers, someone dies in the news one after another, constantly quarreling star and sexy girls advertise all – from plumbing and finishing pills. As a result, people are not surprised by anything, it is converted to the one who is so interesting to hear about the troubles and other perversions.

You begin to fear

Based on the previous reasons to throw a TV, you begin to fear. Still – how much fear of death and violence around! It seems that behind every corner lurks a maniac and a murderer, and the world is doomed. Hence – depression and depressed mood.

You do not live your life

The TV is simpler than life – issues are resolved quickly, there is always a way out, people are more beautiful and brighter than in reality. The show is washed bone neighbors, show life stars and the audience begins to compare himself with the picture. It’s clear that she rarely corresponds to that shown on the screen. And dream to get all the incredible talent, relationships and beauty, even for a moment to be as unreal, but the television!

Watching TV is not fashionable

Yes, in fact every day from the TV refuses to more people. Now it can be defined as the principle of intelligence and education. After all the time that people spend on TV, can be used for reading books or watching movies, self-development and a variety of other more pleasant and useful things.

Of course, these statements are a bit exaggerated. If you look just a 40-minute episode – it’s not so bad. But it might be worth doing it online, without annoying ads and exact timeframe? Also, throw away the TV is not necessarily – you can sell it and buy a new dress. And drawer space to put a beautiful vase with flowers – because they are more real than the box.