10 reasons to visit the Czech Republic

10 reasons to visit the Czech Republic

10 reasons to visit the Czech Republic

Hearing the word “Czech”, each remember something of their own. This is the famous Czech beer, and great festivals, and unique architecture. And someone will remember cars Skoda, poem by Marina Tsvetaeva or legendary opera “Don Giovanni” that Mozart finished it in the Czech Republic.

Yes, the Czech Republic – an amazing country, it is worth a visit, if only because it has a …

1. Dancing House

The famous Czech landmark, which is located in Prague, jokingly called “Ginger and Fred.” By this miracle of deconstruction is difficult to go to any tourist. 🙂

A rooftop restaurant La Perle de Prague, which offers wonderful views of the city.

2. Czech beer

To come to the Czech Republic and not to try the world-famous drink – this is nonsense, even if you do not like beer. Not for nothing in the XVIII century in the Czech Republic there was the first school in Europe brewing.

10 reasons to visit the Czech Republic

Czech beer is exported to many countries. However, if you do not like Czech beer in the country, it is not a reason to abandon the intoxicating drink in his home country – you will be amazed when you feel the difference.

It is hardly possible to calculate precisely how many beers there in the Czech Republic. Once you try the most famous (Pilsner Urquell, Staropramen, Gambrinus, Krusovice, Velkopopovicky Kozel and others), do not forget that in every corner of this country brew their own beers using unique recipes.

Beer is considered to be the capital of the Czech city of Plzen.

3. Beer Festival in Prague

Of course, in a country which is famous for its beer to the whole world, can not do without beer festivals. The largest beer festival in the Czech Republic – Beer Festival in Prague. Traditionally held in May and lasts for several weeks.

Besides the fact that the festival you will try the best Czech beer, you also expect dishes of Czech cuisine.

4. Charles Bridge

10 reasons to visit the Czech Republic

The famous Prague bridge over the Vltava river. Tower and sculpture of one of the most beautiful bridges are to be seen.

5. City hundreds of spiers

One of the most beautiful cities in Europe needs no introduction. The capital of the Czech Republic, which is impossible not to fall in love. It is a city in which everyone can find something for yourself, and when you get tired of contemplating the magnificent buildings, museums and shopping from, just wear comfortable shoes and go for a walk – you will find so many interesting things about what does not write in any guidebook.

6. Locks

Czech Republic – a country of castles. They are in dreamland lot: romantic, majestic, solitary and unapproachable – everyone can find their “own”. Some of the most famous castles – it Karlstejn Zvikov, Lednice, Cesky Sternberk, Detenice, Orlik and others.

7. Five-petalled Rose Festival

One of the brightest and most famous events in the Czech Republic. Traditionally celebrated in June. For three days the Czech Republic returns to the Middle Ages, people in period costumes, old-time music in the streets, fairs, games, parades, and, of course, the colorful fireworks.

8. The nature of the Czech Republic

Forests, rivers, mountains, lakes, meadows … What was not rich Czech hail! And if you are fond of hiking and cycling, then you simply can not go past the natural wealth of the Czech Republic.

9. Karlovy Vary

10 reasons to visit the Czech Republic

Despite the fact that the Czech Republic has no outlet to the sea, to the country attracts thousands of tourists. Karlovy Vary – Czech spa town, which is famous for its healing mineral water springs.

Karlovy Vary – the birthplace of the famous Czech liquor “Becherovka”.

10. Roofs of Prague

Constant shelter for all romantics. 🙂 To watch this beautiful view, just go up one of the many towers that are scattered throughout the city.