The first 10 who will get smartphones Lumia Windows Mobile 10

The first 10 who will get smartphones Lumia Windows Mobile 10

The first 10 who will get smartphones Lumia Windows Mobile 10

Windows 10, finally started, and some have already received the first impression of a brand new OS. There have been initial feedback, and, in general, the impressions are mixed. But now, given that desktop computers and tablets have long been in the first place, it’s time to think about the mobile version of Windows 10. When Windows 10 Mobile, and on which devices will be first? Fortunately, it seems, Microsoft, finally lifted the veil of secrecy. Well, at least a corner of the veil.

Microsoft did not provide a precise list of phones on Windows Phone, which are the first to receive Windows 10, presumably to avoid criticism souchae delay. But with the published Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile close to launch, Microsoft has time to say something. So they said. We are introducing the first 10 phone Lumia, who receive a free 10 Windows Mobile, “when it becomes available.”

• Lumia 430
• Lumia 435
• Lumia 532
• Lumia 535
• Lumia 540
• Lumia 640
• Lumia 640 XL
• Lumia 735
• Lumia 830
• Lumia 930

You may notice that the list represents the most current models in the corresponding series (4XX, 5XX, 6XX, etc.), but not necessarily the most popular. For example, Lumia 520/525 and 630/635 are not included in the list. What is more surprising is the latest Lumia 1520 is also nowhere to be found. Microsoft assures fanatical fans that this list is not complete and that it is not even the first part. When the next batch update will be announced – it is another story.

The fact that Windows Mobile will be available 10, Microsoft is silent. However, based on some data, tossed partners and most Microsoft, mobile version of the OS will become available somewhere in the autumn, probably in November.