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10 tips that will forever change your life

Imagine that you have access to the experience of hundreds or even thousands of people. And these people are eager to share their knowledge and experiences with others. Talk about their methods of struggle with laziness, interesting chips and boards, the knowledge of which can really affect your life.

Fortunately, there is such a place, and this is a topic on Quora , where people share tips on how to change their lives for the better. We chose the best of them and hope that they will help you as well.

Rule 20 minutes

Every time I come home after work, I do not want to do anything. The only thing I want to – it is to be filled up on the sofa or a chair, turn on the show or browse the tape Facebook. That’s what I did for many years.

But a few years ago I decided to replace this horrible ritual rule 20 minutes. Now, when I come home, I make myself for 20 minutes to do something from this list:

  • read a book or an interesting article;
  • exercise at chess;
  • go to Duolingo;
  • play the guitar;
  • meditate;
  • do programming.

Try to edit this list for themselves and their interests, but remember that it should not include soap operas, movies and useless occupation. Once you have overcome the barrier of 20 minutes, you will notice that you want to do next. If you feel that you can not even sit through 20 minutes – go to sleep.

To summarize: feel the strength after work? Go do something useful for at least 20 minutes. Not even have enough energy for 20 minutes? Go to bed! The tv and social networking there is no advantage to more than an hour of sleep.

Simple tips to be followed

Rots Karen shared her tips that she says could change her life for the better:

  1. Stop drinking soda.
  2. Running 10 minutes 4 times a week.
  3. Smile more.
  4. Each week to meet with the new man.
  5. Sleep schedule.
  6. Wake up half an hour earlier than necessary.
  7. Always have on hand a bottle of water.
  8. Come to the store with a list of purchases and not to go hungry.
  9. Thank people.

Simple advice, but do not you think that it is they contain more truth and good than in a variety of huge articles?

Layfhak for men

Pull out your wallet from the back pocket of your trousers or jeans and put it in his jacket pocket, jacket, or in any other place.

After reading this board, I first thought it was in my back pocket it much easier to steal, but all proved to be harder! Long sitting on the purse damages the nerves in the lower back and pelvis. Entrapment of the sciatic nerve is fraught with many problems, and all you have to do – is to shift his wallet from his back pocket.

Layfhak for women

Hold high-heeled shoes for special occasions, and in everyday life, give preference to low heels.

Numerous studies have shown that prolonged wearing of high heels causes diseases knees, Spurs and various pains in the back and legs.

For today’s teens, this risk becomes more realistic, as they begin to wear high heels at a very early age, when the body is not yet fully formed. It is important to remember this advice when you are pregnant. During this period, the body weight increases and the center of gravity, making the load on the lower part of the body more. Heels at this time is not exactly the wisest decision!

Turn off the mobile Internet

This experiment was conducted over a one reader Quora.

I like to communicate with people. I love to receive messages from them and be able to immediately respond to them. Apparently, I’m not much different from millions of other such people. But I understood that the mobile Internet takes me a long time and this need to do something.

I started small: deleted WhatsApp. At first it was hard not to hear the usual updates, but I soon got used to. After that I decided to remove and Facebook.Then I went further, and when my phone is dead, I did not charge it the whole day!Not the most pleasant day in my life, but I was able to survive them. And I was able to understand that life is possible without a smartphone. Did it affect my life? Yes!

I began to spend more time with your loved ones and enjoy these moments. I still read the interesting sites, RSS feeds and cool article, but I do it in the evening at home via Wi-Fi.

Automate your life

Each of us has a limited amount of energy every day, and you should not spend it on unnecessary decision making. It is better to do them on the machine. Here are a few examples.

Fill the bed. This is the first job that you do every day. It will give you a little motivation in the same way and perform other tasks. I often crumple sheet with a pillow and a blanket and throw them in the closet. Perhaps it’s time to change something.

Eat breakfast the same. For several years I have breakfast every morning oatmeal with fruit, honey and nuts. And it does not bother me. This is a useful and healthy breakfast that will make you feel better.

Warm up in the morning. If you can afford, then do a full workout in the morning.If not, it is small enough five minutes of stretching and warm-up.

Less materialism

Recently, when I moved, it, like many other people, packed all my stuff in a pile of boxes, ordered a truck to transport furniture, and thought about how to fuck me things. And many of them lie on the shelves waiting to be starry hours. The hour when I finally had them take it.

This experience is something taught me, and here are some of the changes that I made:

  1. I used to have on the bed lay five pillows, now only one.
  2. 23-inch monitor … Why? Despite the fact that my profession (I – photographer) implies the existence of multiple monitors, I have learned to cope with the 11-inch MacBook Air. On the rare occasions when I need a second monitor, I go to work and connect it there.
  3. I stopped using plastic utensils and always have handy reusable sudochek and fork.
  4. I got rid of the white clothing. Too many problems with the laundry.

Settle for less. Do not buy things if you have no need of them right now. Live now!

How to improve your health in a few days

No matter what you ate for breakfast, replace it with oatmeal. Also figure out how much water you drink, and if this number is less than 2.5 – 3 liters, then you know what to do.

Always keep a notebook with a pen and write down any thought that you seemed important or interesting. It is unknown to what they can bring you.

Replace the bad good

This advice is suitable for those who want to start eating right and afraid to do it dramatically. Take two harmful product. that you eat every day, and replace them with two helpful. White bread and cookies for buckwheat and mushrooms.Chocolate and fatty meats fruits and chicken. Small steps you can still come to the finish line!

Type A and Type B

I wanted to be rich, successful. Wanted people to look at me and see me as an example. I wanted to be one of those people who fly private jets. I wanted it all until, until I realized the truth about the economy.

Economy consists of two types of people: Type A and Type B. Whether we are talking about the economy of the country, the city, shop, business or even your work – everything remains unchanged.

Type A – a person who is willing to pay money for something than has type B. And as long as the person B will be something for that person A would pay money B will be successful.

Be the person B.

Be the person who creates something. what other people are willing to pay money.All successful people in this world – this person B. Jobs, Gates, Musk, Gandhi, Jesus. All of them are created for people values ​​for which they were willing to pay any price. Apple, computers, cars, freedom of religion.

Create value. It is difficult, but it will pay off.


While I was looking for material for this article, I had the feeling that I really can change your life with these tips. Some of them I already stuck, and others for its simplicity and efficiency just asking in my life.

I hope that for you, they will trigger a big change, it’s not always for the big changes need to put a lot of effort. Sometimes it is enough just to read the article and take a few minutes to apply it in their lives. The only question is, do you find those few minutes?