15.04.2014 4:16

15 ways to calm your nerves

Nearly 50% of our health depends on lifestyle. What do you think, what kind of life is the vast majority of modern women? DC voltage jitters, ahoy at work … The feeling of anxiety is almost never leaves us, but prolonged stress suppresses the immune system.

Stress can and must fight! Please use our tips – they will surely help you to remove tension.



1. Try to laugh! Laughter reduces the level of cortisol (a stress hormone) in the body by 26%. Laughter helps 40% to recover after a heart attack, moreover, laugh – it is the perfect exercise.

2. After the stress perfectly helps relax massage – it relieves muscle tension. You can also do self-massage: it rub their hands, shoulders and neck.

3. You can also try any of the methods, which usually help you to relax in everyday life. For example:

  • Warm bath – water well relieves muscle tension and relaxes.
  • Aromatherapy with soothing essential oils that can be added to the bath, massage or aroma lamp means. Have a calming effect such oil as lemon balm, rose, jasmine, bergamot, anise, geranium, carnation, ylang-ylang, patchouli, chamomile, sandalwood, etc.
  • Music – your favorite music will help you to escape from the sad thoughts and recover from stress.
  • Meditation – turn meditative relaxing music, nature sounds, or get your hands on some meditation techniques.
  • Books – suitable classics, memoirs, notes travelers. Just do not choose the dramatic stories and horror movies!

4. Do you have a pet? Then you know exactly who to call for help in a stressful situation! U.S. researchers have found that dog owners cholesterol is much lower, and the owners of cats to 30% less likely to suffer from heart attacks.

5. Since the body is directly related to our brain, it suggested a good relax. To do this, take a relaxed open posture and concentrate on the sensations. You on a physical level should feel like the body gradually relaxes. So with negative emotions brain switches to the physical sensations of stress and retreats.

Two women friends chatting over coffee at home

Because the body is directly related to our brain, it suggested a good relax.

6. Enough sleep – it’s just what you need after a nervous tension. As Scarlett O’Hara said: “I will not think about it today, think about it tomorrow!” So drink some valerian or a cup of tea with mint, and then follow the advice of the heroine and good night’s sleep. You’ll see in the morning the world will seem much nicer and brighter!

7. Speaking of drinks: Do not use in stressful situations, alcohol or beverages with caffeine. They have not soothing and stimulating effect, and after you will be even more difficult to recover.

8. Share feelings with a close friend. Much easier to deal with the problem, when you feel the sincere support. In addition, an objective view from outside will not hurt anyone. Certainly the scope of your tragedy in the eyes of another person will be much smaller, and it will give you sensible advice .

9. If your stress is associated with work overload, you need to distinguish clearly between personal and professional lives. After all, life should be a time not only for work but also for yourself, family, hobbies, interests and just doing nothing. So try leaving on time from work, leave there all its labor problems and not bring them home.

10. Samoedstvom Do not engage in and collect all their problems in one big pile. Often, it is the stress causes people to generalize all his troubles, make wrong conclusions and slowly destroy itself from the inside negative thoughts. So try to take control of your thoughts and not think, “Here, again a bad day …” and “Well, it happens, but it surely will!”

11. Follows from the above the following way – positive thinking. Learn to enjoy the little things and look at life positively: a pledge of mental health and stress. So you will not be upset over little things, strengthen the vital resistance and easy to learn to cope with stressful situations.

12. Cleaning the house also helps to calm the nerves. After all, those who have a mess in my head, and often arrange mess around. Therefore term loans raskhlamleniem space, besides the process of cleaning and soothing distraction.

Everyone has the right to make mistakes, so learn to analyze problem situations and draw conclusions.


13. Try to plan your time and do not rush. And it is not banal advice! When a person is under regular haste, the tension becomes his constant companion. We are afraid to catch something, somewhere late or lose something … Stop, take the time to properly plan your day, and do not create themselves fire situations.

14. Realise finally that you too can not be right! Everyone has the right to make mistakes, so learn to analyze problem situations and draw conclusions. This will help in the future to avoid stepping on the same rake and not to spoil their nerves once again.

15. The last piece of advice: do not try to be perfect in everything and control everything. Remember that you – only woman who can sometimes afford to be weak and helpless. And once in a stressful situation , try “not to build all the power” – better hurry, use one of our tips!