20 follies that happen only in Argentina

20 follies that happen only in Argentina

20 follies that happen only in Argentina

Argentina was a few weeks in the spotlight because of the debt the group of hedge funds is more than $ 1.3 billion that the country has for years refused to pay.

The court set a deadline of payment – July 30th, otherwise Argentina threatens catastrophic default.
Economic collapse, dollar exchange underground cult Rolling Stones, five presidents in two weeks – all this shows that Argentina – crazy country.

1. 2001/2002 the country had five presidents in two weeks

2. Ship La Fragata Libertad was detained for two weeks in Ghana, as collateral for the benefit of hedge fund manager.

3. Government put this video when the crew finally returned home:

4. After this incident, the president enjoys charter flight to avoid arrest her private jet.

5. On Christmas Eve on the streets of the country’s installed giant inflatable dolls.

6. Acting President of Argentina – Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, is known for its plastic surgery and luxury shopping.

7. The country has the world’s largest number of psychiatrists per capita.

8. Argentina broke the record by building the widest road in the world, Avenue of 9th July.

9. The markets under the guise of poodles sell ferrets on steroids.

10. Argentines drink wine decanters in the shape of penguins.

11. To show that car for sale, you need to put it on a plastic bottle.

12. The taxi driver – your “boss”. He decides what will your trip:

13. Due to the widespread popularity of plastic surgery, “ugly” Argentines want to make “beautiful” to pay the tax.

14. Nobody worried about inflation in the country, which can lead to serious trouble.

15. Political parties have their own beers.

16. Argentina difficult to buy products Apple, and it costs three times more expensive than in the United States.

17. The country has a cult of fans Rolling Stones, Ā«RollingasĀ».

18. Need special permission to buy dollars and leaving the country.

19. Therefore exist underground Currency Exchange – “blue markets.”

20. Alternatively Argentines go to Uruguay for the day and buy dollars there.

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