In 2016, Apple will return to the use of Glass on Glass...

In 2016, Apple will return to the use of Glass on Glass displays


Prior to the announcement of a new generation of Apple’s smartphone is only a week. Today, Asian suppliers have confirmed that they will use displays, built on the technology of In-Cell. But in 2016, the company from Cupertino is planning to go back to the ultra-G / G displays (Glass on Glass). According to them, the producers have already begun to supply samples of Apple G / G technology and Corning and Asahi Glass Company glass samples provided.
Analysts have already talked about Apple’s plans to abandon the In-Cell Display in favor of the G / G, since the In-Cell technology has several bottlenecks that hinder the company to expand the functionality of the screens and increase their resolution. Now manufacturers of screens are actively working on the new G / G displays to be used in the iPhone, without prejudice to the thickness of the smartphone.

In addition, glass-on-glass technology would allow Apple to produce frameless smartphones, while one of the most well-known problems In-Cell is considered to decrease the sensitivity of the touch panel at the edges.

Recall that G / G displays used in Apple’s first-generation iPhone, released from 2007 to 2011. And the first smartphone company with In-Cell TV has become the iPhone 5, Apple and then switched to the use of this technology in their smartphones. As for the tablet Apple, the G / G screens used in them from 2010 to 2012

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