28.03.2014 8:11

4 the most beautiful places on Earth in the spring

In the midst of spring, we have compiled a selection of locations with the most beautiful flowers and the best scents that are worth visiting tourists during the flowering gardens.

Netherlands, Keukenhof Gardens

Keukenhof – the largest and best known flower garden in the world, which is twenty kilometers from Amsterdam. Moreover, it is not just a garden, and a royal garden, and their status justifies Keukenhof hundred percent millions of tulips several hundred varieties, dozens of acres of space allocated for plantations of roses, lilacs, orchids, daffodils – all this can not fail to impress. The park opens to the public in late March and runs through mid-May, being the most visited floral park in Europe. Every year an exhibition of flower bulbs, dozens of manufacturers that compete with each other in skill, building the most incredible and elaborate floral arrangements. Here flowers are grown for sale: you can see the entire field, planted in neat colorful stripes of colors on light grades and sizes, from roses to nezabudok.

Keukenhof Gardens


The best place to spend the night in the Dutch flower kingdom will be Hotel De Duif, details of which can be found on the website http://www.hoteldeduif.nl/en/ . It is just a ten minute walk from the garden. And the closest airport, Schiphol Amsterdam, is fifteen kilometers away.

Canada, Butchart Gardens


One of the most beautiful gardens in the world located on Vancouver Island in Canada. How would it incredibly sounds, but in place by beautiful green landscapes not so long ago were dark limestone mines. Trees and flowers planted here mine owner Robert Pim Butchart, which, however, after the formation of the mineral is likely to leave this place forever ruined and disfigured, if not for his wife. It is thanks to her freaked troughs wasteland turned into beautiful Butchart Gardens. Now this place – the bulwark of peace, quietness, clean air and beautiful aromas of hundreds of thousands of flowering plants. The gardens are very popular among Canadians, and among the visitors, it’s the best place in all of North America for a romantic stroll in the second half. Millions of tourists annually stormed the most colorful garden of Canada in late March – early April, during the flowering period of most native plants.

Butchart Gardens


Get here is very convenient – just a couple of kilometers is Victoria International Airport. And the most convenient place to host hotel will be the Brentwood Bay Resort & Spa, which is located just half a kilometer from the garden. Room overlooking the beautiful Gulf of Saanich is a great addition to the walk in the garden.

Japan, Hitachi Park


Reverent attitude to the Japanese flowering plants could not lead to the emergence of such gardens as Hitachi. Located in Hitatinaka huge floral park stands on the site of the former U.S. military base, its size – about one hundred and fifty acres. For those who are tired of the contemplation of flowers, there are several restaurants, a swimming pool and a zoo – everything you need for a full family vacation. The park often hosts festivals flowers, which are grown here are huge fields of poppies, tulips nemofil (forget-me-American). Garden could not do without the main flowering plants in Japan – Sakura, which is also highlighted here the whole field. At the end of March, when the snow melts, lifeless hills again transformed into blooming colorful carpets. Now it is just possible to see and cherry blossoms.

Hitachi Park


In order to have somewhere to relax after visiting the park, you can stay in Sun City Katsuta – choice though fairly simple, but the rooms are cheap and the service at the proper level. Getting to town is no problem – every half an hour from Tokyo here is a train, where you want to go about 30 minutes.

France, the gardens of Claude Monet


No pictures, and your garden a great painter Claude Monet regarded as the main masterpiece. Gardens, in fact, has become famous small town of Giverny near Paris. The perfect place for walking and recreation open in early April. Login here costs around five Euros. The best period in which it is possible to visit – is, of course, in April – May, when thousands of different species of plants begin to bloom, filling the streets Giverny intoxicating spicy aroma. The garden also houses the Museum of American Art, which features works of American Impressionists – followers of the great Monet.


In Giverny has several hotels, the best of which seemed to us Chambres d’hôtes La Réserve, book a room in which you can on the official site http://www.giverny-lareserve.com/ . Although, most likely will not have to book, as the hype for rooms in hotels in Giverny take not from where – enough for everyone. Reach here from Paris by car is most convenient for the A14 and A13, have to go about 70 miles.