“47 Ronin” – the last samurai

“47 Ronin” – the last samurai


Idea the authors Hollywood version of the film “47 Ronin” was interesting: we take the Japanese legend, add a little fantasy narrative plot and season famous Hollywood actor. A sort of samurai version of “300”. But the result is terrible.

According to the original source, 47 ronin province Kao disobeyed the order of the shogun and committed an act of retaliation for the death of his master. The updated version of the story appeared in not only mythical monsters, but also with the European appearance hero named Kai (played by Keanu Reeves). Past Kai covered with darkness, even rumored that he was raised by demons. However, he is forced by fate to fight side by side with the legendary warriors.

No matter you are familiar with the original, only seen trailers or accidentally wandered into a session, the first hour of the narrative drives to sleep. Except for one fight scene happening like a drawn-hyperinflate story of feudal Japan in the early eighteenth century. Operator demonstrates beautiful panorama, the characters are not in a hurry to push the story forward, and part fantasy seems unconvincing and even ridiculous.

The film is not gaining momentum and takes the audience interesting relationship. Instead, it seems that almost all conversations filmed in slow time. Communication is accompanied by long pauses and pointless remarks. Characters “47 Ronin” in the “peepers” beat anybody, even dreary characters from “Twilight.”

Okay, the actors tried, but no! Facial Kai can observe exactly one expression. Others either appear in the form of idols or violently grimace. Released Shogun performed Cary Hiroyuki Tagawa (Shang Tsung of “Mortal Kombat”) the person’s face who tries valiantly to keep the horse after a dose of laxative.


Authors Kai sewn with white thread to legend and thus tried not neglected by important figures from the squad of ronin. But the script jumps from one character to the problems of other experiences. Given the slowness of dubbing and disgusting scenes, none of the characters is impossible to empathize. Moreover, we can not forget or give meaning to the next exchange of pleasantries, and then suddenly this line is being developed. This applies, for example, attempts to squeeze out a tear viewer. Well do not get to grieve for the person getting the strength of three minutes of screen time.

Battles for the two-hour movie is unforgivable enough. Creators so much afraid to get outside child age rating (12 years), which fights for skating, followed by cutting off limbs, the camera avoids showing. In combat, the operator shakes scene badly match with each other, all accompanied by clanging sounds.
Mass slaughter here resembles a gathering of roleplayers, and not a battle in the film with a budget of 175 million dollars. Also look tatty Kai battle with computer monsters.


The film has positive glimpses into a pair of fights and bad shot splendid views of Japan, but they are drowning in a stringy thread boring dialogues blankly and terrible embodiment of all without exception ideas. This seems to be a fairy tale with a hint of drama. But the actors resemble wax figures with wry faces, and the battle with the monsters look like the director has no idea that relieves. Spend time and money on this abuse makes no sense.

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