5 of the best destinations for a budget holiday in late winter

5 of the best destinations for a budget holiday in late winter


Late winter – early spring – a time when many popular resorts there was a decline in tourist activity and declining prices. Today we’ll show you where you can relax in February and it does not remain without money.



Those willing to enjoy eternally light frost, defiantly pinched cheeks, and vast expanses of snow-covered peaks, offers excellent ski resorts in Bulgaria hospitable. Chilling cold January is over, and as crazy New Year prices: a week in three-star hotels in Bansko will cost from $ 400 for two. About suitable weather conditions for snowboarding and disturbing the blood of ski slopes do not have to worry: recently in Pamporovo, Bansko, Chepelare fresh snow fell, creating a real winter wonderland. Hurry pack skis and “fly” on the plane: already this weekend in Borovets held European Cup 2014 Slalom men, no less colorful and fun for guests of the resort than the Winter Olympics in Sochi.



Winter – did not your thing? Then it’s time to go to Tunisia – Mediterranean paradise in North Africa, harmoniously combining Arabic motifs with bewitching culture of France. If you are not an inveterate walrus, do not stop on a beach vacation: air temperature does not exceed 20, and the sea water even colder – to 15. February – it’s a great time to make alternate exciting excursions to historical sites with SPA-treatments and thalassotherapy able to get rid of stress and heal tired of hard work the body. After all, how many miracles hides a mysterious kingdom on the Mediterranean Sea: the ruins of ancient Carthage, Sidi Okba – the oldest mosque in Africa, no less important than Mecca and Oasis Mides starring Indiana Jones movies. Week in Tunis in February will afford not only Abramovich: the cost of the trip is $ 620 per couple.



If you are an intrepid traveler and do not watch the news bulletins, the best place for budget travel would be Egypt. February – not the most popular season for a long swim in the waters of the Red fantastic and crystal clear Mediterranean: air temperature hovering around 20 and often strong winds blow. But you do not let the weather stop: this is a great opportunity to practice windsurfing or simply soak in the heated outdoor pools with water, equipped with almost all the hotels. Capturing jacket and sunglasses, arrange jeep safari through the desert sands or go on excursions to places like released from the pages of school history textbook. Winter – it’s the perfect time to stroll through the vast necropolis of Saqqara, or climb the pyramid, not exhausted from the heat and without wading through the crowds of tourists. Seven days a wonderful holiday with friends will cost from $ 850.



Many opportunities for inexpensive but unusual holiday in late winter offers Eastern tale – a world of contrasts, plunged into shock, and amazing miracles, admirable. February India is ideal for travel: air temperature is kept at around Goa 30, and the water in the Indian Ocean resembles fresh milk. At the same time, yet exhausting heat and stunning power of the monsoon. If you do not want to be limited to a beach doing nothing, go to the Himalayas. Snow-capped peaks of the highest mountains in the world are always waiting for the brave mountaineers and explorers from the distant corners of the world civilization. Great and worthy of attention wonderland. Even if you do not just have been in these parts, India finds than surprise you – if not the beautiful scenery, so ridiculous prices. Christmas fever is over: week tour for two will cost a little more than $ 1,300, with the lion’s share of the cost will be flight.



End of winter – not the most popular time to visit Greece: here it is cold enough, but very cheap and uncrowded. Snow alternates with rain, and the temperature is around 12 during the day and 5 at night. Swim in this weather, of course, does not succeed, but it is quite possible to go into the mountains every year ski resorts in Greece are becoming more attractive. Prices in Kellar and Fterolakke located on the sacred Mount Parnassus, quite low (you can learn, for example, here http://www.skiresort.info/ski-resort/fterolakka-kellariamount-parnassos/ ), and the infrastructure is developing by leaps and bounds. Everything is in the “Focus ancient Earth”: a platform for snowboarding, colorful restaurants, 26 ski trails, including both slopes for beginners and for experienced track and conquerors of mountain tops. By the way, at the foot of Parnassus can learn their fate – we need only find the Oracle in Delphi legendary located here. The cost of a weeklong stay at the February Greece will be 800 euros for two.

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