07.02.2014 7:59

5 facts about Moby that we did not know before

In Chera, February 5, Moby during the presentation of his new video for the song «Almost Home» news portal met with Reddit and answered more than 90 questions from his fans. We chose the 5 most interesting and discouraging responses musician.

1. Moby does not hate Eminem, who always walks on it in their songs.

“I was not interested in his sexist or homophobic statements. The main thing is that it is surprisingly talented rapper. Stunned, how many years he has successfully performed and is at a height. So thank him for everything. “

2. Moby like Eminem song in which rapper mentions it in this way: “Hey, Moby, bald 36-year-old nerd suck! You’re too old – come on, nobody listens to techno. “

“My favorite song by Eminem -« Mosh »and« Without Me », in which he so clearly and, most importantly, free advertise me.”

3. Moby dubstep helps with constipation.

“I love dubstep. Some sounds and a particularly powerful and loud bass are just awesome, despite the fact that putting pressure on the intestines and cause the run to the toilet. “

4. Moby loves frogs.

“It is. Very much love. And it would be incredibly sad when global warming and toxins kill all the toads, frogs and salamanders. I hope that we, the people still find a way to not be such an idiot. “

5. Moby song «We Are All Made Of Stars» is under a clear scientific justification.

“In addition to the two elements, hydrogen and helium, all other substances from the periodic table (of which we are composed) formed as a result of cosmic explosions. Just imagine us no particles that would have existed in the first second after the Big Bang. That is, strictly speaking, all of us at 13,600,000,000 years old. “