06.02.2014 11:21

5 main attractions of the island of Santo Antao

January 17, 1462 by the Portuguese navigator Diogo Afonso opened the island of Santo Antao in the Atlantic Ocean (part of the Cape Verde Islands). Today we tell about the main attractions of this remote paradise.

Volcano Topu de Corot


Topu de Corot – extinct volcano located at the base of the mountain range in the southeastern part of the island. At a height of 1979 meters above sea level is the highest point of Santo Antao. Foothills of the volcano – a valley nestled high grass – a popular tourist destination, photographers and painters. The very same climb to the top is quite difficult and unsafe without an experienced guide as rocks very dumpy, and the climate is quite cool. But the sight of a well-preserved volcano crater and opening from the top of the form are any effort.

Pico de Cruz


Pico de Cruz – another peak very picturesque mountain range to the south-east side of Santo Antao, its height reaches 1814 meters above sea level. Climbing here will be a real challenge even for seasoned travelers – can become an obstacle not only sharp rocks, but the cold wind from the ocean. However, opening a photo here landscapes, both sea and mountain, the album will become available to any traveler. Furthermore, this is an excellent place for a flight on a hang glider.

Guido do Cavaleiro


Guido do Cavaleiro – the third highest peak of Santo Antao (1811 meters above sea level) – is located in the heart of the picturesque island and crowns the mountain range stretching across its territory. It is a favorite tourist spot because of unusual reliefs rocky mountains and simply stunning views of the ocean and the valley, opening here. A well-developed network of roads and many paths trodden allow travelers to organize a memorable safari or hiking to the summit ridge.

Praia Formosa


Praia Formosa is one of the most beautiful and popular on the island. The coastline of Santo Antao partially erased sea winds and waves, but some places are very attractive and exotic. Praia Formosa – one of them. Here you can relax, scuba diving and surfing, as well as marvel at the bizarre spectacle is as flocks of whales often swim close enough to the shoreline. For novice divers here is a school that will help to master the basics of circulation diving.

Paul town

Paul town necessarily included in the itineraries of all the excursions on the island of Santo Antao. It is located at the outlet of the picturesque valley along the coast of the island and is famous primarily for its factory grog. In the factory, still nothing has changed, all the old-fashioned, but the grog, a local drink ponchos and passion fruit liqueur imported under the name “Santo Antao,” known far beyond the island. Here also grow coffee, bananas, mangoes and other exotic fruits. Local tropical landscapes are stunning variety and bright colors.