5 the main conclusions of the match “Milan” – “Atletico”

5 the main conclusions of the match “Milan” – “Atletico”


Ninth team in Serie A is not worse leader Examples

Remember how last year’s “Milan” to “San Siro” flabbergasted “Barcelona” 2:0? If in Catalonia Niang not hit the post when the score was 0-1, the Italians would grab “blaugranu” throat.

Roughly the same team Seedorf start yesterday: 3 chances to score in the first 25 minutes, the crossbar and shot wide of the goal and Kaka Rod Poly (bravo, Courtois!) Then Simeon reduced the gap between the lines, and the “Atletico” closed. “Milan” did not yield anything other than implementation. In the Champions League, where they remain tangible chances, the players themselves far more interesting than in the championship, where there is despair.

Italian Soccer Serie A stuffy

Golden Age calcio when domestic championship quoted above European club remained at the junction of the nineties and zero. Eighth Champions League gathered full “San Siro”. In Serie A bored and poor alike: outdated stadiums, takeoff “Juventus”, veterans and youth for sale.

“Milan” has proved that he is still a great company: winner of the “Golden Ball”, the winner of the Champions League, how Mario … “Rossoneri”, despite the critical time, save the noble patina, patina for determining the value. “Atletico” if to base such a measure – a step below.

Adel Taarabt – level player “Milan”

Harry Redknapp said after the plane with Taarabt on board: “He is not played in the” Fulham “, but goes in“Milan” . Previously, the “red-black” only invited world stars. ” Taarabt potentially star. Bright and appropriate dribbling, great short and medium pass speed. Apparently, the Premier League is not for him, and “Milan” was a wonderful free midfielder.

Now you need to worry about Honda. And Redknapp remains in the Championship with a straight as a rail, Joey Barton, Richard Dunn and Jermaine Johnson.

“Atletico” undermined stone

Do not think that the ball Diego Costa – the result of scoring instinct or set of circumstances. 20 minutes Insua unnecessarily in the opponent’s half of the two legs driven in the right-back Mattia De Sciglio, for which he received a yellow card.

De Sciglio limped a couple of minutes and asked for a replacement. Ignazio Abate , first, long treated damage, secondly, bad involved in a particular match. He hesitated in his criminal penalty, lost the ball and the position at the end Abate threw the ball to the far post after a corner and actually fed the ball to Diego Costa.

Diego Costa beat Balotelli

They are not torn to shreds protection. But Costa realized the only time (talking about the forward, this can stay). After 69 minutes, a foul and he brought a yellow card from Mario games like Insua broke De Sciglio in the first half. Before replacing Balotelli wandered across the field, holding his bruised shoulder. As a combat unit, he dried up. Even after the goal has not stopped and Costa earned a penalty, which is not used irresponsibly Gaby, 17 meters from the gate. A Balsa beat and beat his penalty, although drawing Emmanuelsona and Rami, when he was sitting on a bench with a hot water bottle, turned out much more dangerous.