11.04.2014 9:28

5 places in Istanbul to be visited

In Istanbul, literally bordering Europe and Asia – a city located in two parts of the world. And you can come here at any time of the year and any time – will not be bored. Even three days spent in Istanbul, an unforgettable experience for a long time.

 Taking a walk through the old town, you realize that wherever went everywhere in contact with a long history. Over the years, Istanbul was the seat of the Roman 10, 82 and 30 of the Byzantine emperors of the Ottoman Sultans.

Now it is a modern city with friendly people, who, if necessary, in Russian prompt direction, if you can not orient themselves.


The city has many places of interest that are worth to pay attention to them, but perhaps it is best to start with a sightseeing tour of St. Sophia Cathedral , which is rightly called the eighth wonder of the world.

The entrance to the Cathedral always turn, but if you come alone, and not in the group, the queue is not necessary.

During its long history Cathedral was rebuilt three times, but always at the same place. The first temple was built in 324-227 years of the Byzantine emperor Constantine, then double fires destroyed building.

Changed and its functions: first, he was patriarchal Orthodox cathedral, and then – a mosque, now a museum.

It is impossible not to draw attention to the central or imperial, temple doors (at the time they could use only the emperor). According to legend, they were made ​​from the remains of Noah’s ark.

The Cathedral is also famous for its beautiful mosaics, but many of its visitors primarily want to touch the “weeping column” whose surface is always moist. Say it tears of the Virgin Mary. According to legend, once the Emperor Justinian had a headache and leaning against a pillar hand, relieved … And now it is believed that if you put your fingers to the hole in the column, and then to where it hurts, the pain will pass.

The price of admission – 25 Turkish lira.


Near the cathedral of St. Sophia is an ancient and extant underground reservoir Basilica Cistern , more reminiscent of a luxurious underground palace. The ceiling is supported by 336 columns, tanks, brought here from the ancient temples.

Reservoir construction lasted for two centuries and ended in the year 532. In ancient times there was kept drinking water supply in case of drought or siege. But back to the XVI century reservoir dirty, and only in 1987 Cistern cleared and opened as a museum already. Now here tourists walk and look at sailing in water fishes.

Tanker popular film industry in the world, for example, Konchalovsky filmed at this place a few episodes of his movie “The Odyssey.”


Be in Istanbul and the Bosphorus to visit then do not see Istanbul. Hour boat trip will cost from 10 pounds. While traveling through the strait, with a cup of coffee or tea and a chocolate bar in hand, you can enjoy fabulous views of the local countryside.

After the walk, the benefit of all nearby, should go to the Maiden’s Tower , located on a small islet in the Bosphorus area Uksyudar. By the way, this tower can be seen on canvas Aivazovsky “View of the Leander Tower in Constantinople.”

Maiden called it accidental. Ancient legend tells of the Turkish sultan, who is madly in love his daughter. Once he foretold that his daughter would die as soon as she turns 18, and the sultan ordered the construction of the tower and put his daughter here. In the eighteenth day my father brought his daughter pot with fruit. She opened the pot, and between fruit lurking venomous snake. All it would be terrible if there had been no nearby handsome prince who rescued a girl sucking snake venom.

Today the tower is a restaurant, cafe, gift shop, open observation deck. To the tower can be reached by small boats from moorings Kabataş and Fatih.


Now it is necessary to think about souvenirs for family and friends. “God has mercy on one who devotes himself to trade” – this sign greets visitors to the Grand Bazaar , one of the largest covered markets in the world. There are over four thousand shops on 58 streets! And it works with the XV century. Every day here come more than half a million people. Selling everything from antiques to jewelry items made ​​of leather, textiles, Turkish carpets, as well as souvenirs. In addition, the Grand Bazaar, has restaurants, mosques and even … cemetery.


Finally, to combine business with pleasure, go to Topkapi – Palace, lying on 400 thousand square meters. It was built in the XV century and remained the main palace of the Ottoman Empire for four hundred years. On the palace grounds, in addition to the contemplation of historical relics in particular kept here sword of the Prophet Muhammad, you can walk through the magnificent parks and gardens.

Entrance fee – 25 lira.