5 things you need to do in Serbia

5 things you need to do in Serbia


On the Day of the Constitution of Serbia, we’ll tell you what you should definitely make every tourist who visited this small Slavic country in southeastern Europe.

Go through the National Park Djerdap


Sharing their treasures among the countries of the world, Mother Nature bountifully Serbia with all the generosity of soul. Balkan beauty has got one of the most beautiful corners of Europe – deep rocky gorge Dzherdapskoe on which rushes affluent Danube to the Black Sea. Throwing up in the air, millions of splashes, huge river, forced pressed into a narrow stone corridor, rushing under the peaks towering rocks, similar to the fjords of Norway. Unfortunately, not all the unique natural complex managed to survive the socialist times: during the construction of a large hydroelectric power station, known as the “Iron Gate”, was broken its natural dynamics and flooded dozens of villages. Today Dzherdap – a picturesque national park, which lies far from the usual tourist routes. In addition to the marvelous beauty of the surrounding nature, preserved here in the picturesque medieval fortress Smerdevo old Golubatsky castle rarity quarry and ancient monasteries. Another reason to come to this wonderful land – the splendor of local culinary delights, which even published the book “Taste Dzherdap – traditional cuisine Djerdap National

See the complex of royal palaces

Turned out to be a tragic twentieth century for the rulers of Serbia. In 1903 the Obrenovic dynasty ceased to exist, and lasted long reign of their successors, Karageorgevich. After Hitler’s seizure of Yugoslav royal family spent years in exile and only in 2001 returned to their homeland. In Belgrade survived two palace complex: Dedinsky, which is composed of White and Royal palaces, and the City, bringing together old and new palaces. Residences in Dedinje returned to the ownership Karageorgevich, were built in the 1930s by way of the best houses of the ruling monarchs of Europe. Look to the smoking room and billiard room, first in Serbia and luxury cinema library with old globe Koronelli, stare at the rare furniture and paintings of Poussin and Veronese possible on Saturdays and Sundays from April 13 to October 27. Urban complex of royal palaces in Belgrade will have to consider the outside: the New, which served as the official residence of Karageorgevich from 1922 to 1933, is the administration of the President of Serbia, and the old, built for the Obrenovic, takes Mayor.

Mourn at the memorial Tserveni KRST


Thousands of human lives took many lives and broke the first in Yugoslavia Nazi concentration camp, which consisted of two watchtowers, guards and four buildings actually in prison. Everyone remembers the pain and blood-soaked walls of every Jew and Gypsy concluded prior to shipment to other death camps, every Communist, ended his days in Crvena KRST. Not forgotten and the heroic attempt to escape, gave freedom hundred emaciated, but have not lost their fortitude prisoners and cost the lives of half a hundred others. In 1979 this place, fenced barbed wire was placed under protection of the state and turned into a museum. Eight years later came out and Yugoslavian movie “Camp Nis.” Visiting Tserveni KRST turns into a digression into the past: a terrible atmosphere of the camp, near which now reigns silence and birds chirp, identical frames, photo etched on the museum. The two-storey building, prison, on each floor, which could be more than a thousand prisoners at the same time, it is difficult to be long. About the past and preserved here resemble photographs, personal items and letters to prisoners. Memorial Tserveni KRST open from 9.00 to 16.00 from Tuesday to Sunday.

Look into the village Kusturica


Serbia amazing shows in his paintings Emir Kusturica: surreal, phantasmagoric and at the same time colorful. Thanks to his efforts, such settlements do not exist only on TV screens in 2004 in the world premiere of “Life is a Miracle” and currently the director presented the Serbian village (in its course, vision). Mechavnik village, which stretches 230 km from Belgrade – is exclusively tourist object marked architectural awards. Behind wooden gates, evoke thoughts of ancient Russia, hidden infrastructure: svezennyh apart from all corners of the country’s old, abandoned houses owners, there is a temple and art gallery, and the pools and restaurants. The streets, named after the world movie stars roam sleek cats and dogs, and near the restored wooden houses are rare cars. Only prisoners of-hopper doors are painted on Javier Solana and George Bush, and the main town is the idol Che Guevara. In Mechavnike always welcome guests coming to recovery for “Life Is a Miracle” rail: they face a glass firm blackcurrant juice.

Visit with a trip within the city


One legend says that once lived near Kursumlija righteous. So fervently they believed and led a good life, that the devil could not resist and decided to have some fun. Bewitched evil spell villagers forgot about God’s commandments and decided to marry brother and sister. It would have happened blasphemous thing, yes intervened patroness of this region – a mermaid. Unable to drive the damn spirit, she turned to the Lord in prayer. Just one breath of wind – and damn wedding turned into stone. True legend or not, but in the world of natural wonders a little similar to the city. Height of two hundred stone pillars resembling suddenly froze people in hats, ranging from two to fifteen meters long and three meters. Guides assure that silent statues easily change shape and become something higher, wider. Another local miracle – a pair of sources with acid, if lemon juice, ice water, reddened due to the rich iron content.