5 tourist destinations where you can free to strengthen health

5 tourist destinations where you can free to strengthen health


In the World day of the patient we describe the popular resort areas where you can not only relax, but also improve failing health with therapeutic mud, mineral and thermal waters, without paying a penny.

Mill Falls in Saturnia, Italy


An ancient legend about the origin of this place says, “people rioted on the earth, sparking war with or without. Desperate to enlighten their god Saturn yes hurled lightning brawlers. Hit powerful weapon straight into the ground, splitting it, and pulled to the sky a stream of hot water to pacify the people. ” Since then, people have become wiser and more at peace, and in fine Italian Saturnia strewn frightening medieval fortresses and ancient luxury villas began to beat miraculous thermal springs. These waters are excellent treat skin diseases, men’s weakness and disease of the spine. Even during the mysterious Etrussii, the mighty Roman Empire and the dark Middle Ages, the region was known as a great resorts and strife subject: Sienna, Florence and even Orvietto fought so hard for Saturnia that even inadvertently destroyed it. Now here is one of the best in Italy Spa-hotel and the Institute of thermal medicine and cosmetology, gave birth stone therapy and high-quality thermal cosmetics. But for those who does not strive for luxury and excellent service, not necessarily pay hundreds of dollars: four pools terms Cascata del Mulino filled alkaline sulphurous water at 37,5 ° C, completely free for visitors.

Therapeutic mud on the island of Krk, Croatia


Cozy Corner beautiful Istria, Croatia is connected to the mainland via a large bridge is ideal for a holiday: blue expanse of the Adriatic is in harmony with the emerald green dense forests and golden sand beaches, giving peace and relaxation. Island Krk – is studded with grapes and olive plantations paradise on Earth. Everything is there for a good holiday: ancient legacy of Roman times, churches built in the Venetian republic, modern entertainment centers and many recreation areas, among which is the amazing beach Soline. In a small area between the villages and Solina Chizhitse ordinary sand alternates with swamps that are filled with healing mud that can ease the pain of gout and rheumatism, to organize the work of the musculoskeletal system and healthier skin. Medicinal properties of the Croatian mud used by the ancient Romans, and only they who knew a lot in the mud! Possess similar miraculous powers and dirt in the old town of Nin near Zadar, where Europe’s largest source of already constructed and recreational complex. In the meantime, funny and useful procedures on the island of Krk and Nina completely free and available to all guests of Croatia.

Mineral springs in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic


Long ago, in 1358, Emperor Charles IV, known in Czech as Karel I, wondrous deer hunting, saw a miracle: an arrow struck the beast, falling into a pit of water and jumped out alive and unharmed. In the place where the beat from the ground miraculous key, and was founded by the main sanatorium Czech Republic – Karlovy Vary. Glorious city, there are 13 mineral springs, became the center of aristocratic life: to heal a sick stomach and liver here come from all over Europe. Analysis of mineral water held in the 18th century physician Jacob Berzelius showed: thanks to the rich content of sodium sulfate and sodium chloride, as well as impurities more than five dozen other necessary health and minerals water Karlovy Vary can work miracles, healing even chronic disease. In order to get rid of chronic ulcers or relieve colic, just look at the gazebo at the sanatorium “Richmond” walk at the sanatorium “Garden Pramen” or go Vrzhdelni colonnades, Trzhin, the Mill and the chateau, sheltered sources. For something to drink the healing water, not have to pay – all the mineral waters of Karlovy Vary free.

Khodutkinskiye hot springs, Russia


In the south of the Kamchatka Peninsula, at the feet of extinct volcanoes and Priemysh Khodutka, housed one of the most wondrous and beautiful places in the region. Mighty subterranean forces prevailed here in the old days: hollow, formed between the mountains, bears traces of dozens of explosions. In one of the craters was born Lake Mountain, and nearby, on the vast meadow, hidden among overgrown with birch grove terraces Hodutskie smoldering hot springs. Still hot from the bowels of the earth knocked keys where the temperature reaches 80 ° – swim here, of course, will not work. But it is worth to go down along the river just below the hot to the forest edge, choose a place with a comfortable temperature becomes easier – not hotter in summer +43 °. Water sources have become landscape balneotherapeutic natural monument, is hydro-chloride-sodium as Essentuki number 17, and is full of silicic acid. She is able to remove gout and have a beneficial effect on the body, obese. By the standards of the nature, sources Khodutkinskiye quite young – their age is less than three thousand years, and their miraculous powers are not yet enough for one generation of sufferers.

The Dead Sea


One of the most mysterious planet of reservoirs, disconnect Israel and Jordan, who was born in the bowels of the earth for another 60 million years ago. Miraculous properties of the saltiest sea in the world-Lake used during the reign of Rome, in the waters of the Dead Sea licking old wounds and Herod became legendary beauty queen Cleopatra. Chemical analysis of the water of life hospital donated by Mother Nature, shows that the balance of trace elements and minerals is so unique that it is impossible to recreate in any, even the most modern laboratory. Products created by the Dead Sea, easily get rid of allergies and the chronic psoriasis, withdraw toxins and give the skin elasticity, which has lost its elasticity, soothe the nervous system and allow to forget about rheumatism, as a nightmare. In order to get healthier and lose loads of sores, and with them the past years, it is not necessary to live in luxury complexes like the Jordan Valley Mariott Resort & Spa – you only need to lie in the sun near the salty miracle, enjoy the salt and mud baths. The resort will have a few rules: avoid getting water in your eyes and do not bathe in the presence of fresh abrasions and cuts.

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