5 best zoos in the world

5 best zoos in the world


Today Moscow Zoo celebrates the 150th anniversary of its opening. To mark the occasion, we will tell you about it, and even on the top four zoos in the world to visit all lovers of wildlife.

Moscow Zoo

First in Russia zoological garden created in the capital on the initiative of the Moscow University was opened to people of all ages and classes January 31, 1864. Unfortunately, the appearance of the former museum of wildlife in the open air after numerous renovations and dramatic historical events little left: a Big Pond Presnenskiy yes “Antilopnik” – stone enclosure for ungulates, built in 1893. On the other hand, over the years become a member today celebrates the anniversary of the World Society of Zoos and Aquariums, has an unusual “EXOTARIUM” dolphinarium, pavilions, demonstrating nightlife nature, the world of birds, fauna, Indonesia and even a petting zoo – the smallest area for nature lovers. Collection of the Moscow Zoo is more than eight and a half thousand animals belonging to 1,150 different species. For the maintenance of the largest and most expensive inmate zoo – elephant – a day spent more than three thousand rubles, and diet, such as the sloth bear costs fifteen hundred. Despite its venerable age, many favorite holiday destination in no hurry to rest on its laurels and never fails to delight Muscovites and guests of the city: there are regularly held “A Night at the Zoo” and a meeting with the main Russian Santa Claus, organized thematic tours and even special routes for lovers.

Singapore Zoo


One of the largest zoos in the world adheres to the rules pleasant – between humans and animals should not be boundaries. Singapore Zoological Gardens, which opened in 1973, is not the creation of cells puzzled – their role is fulfilled by elements of nature: the ditches filled with water, sand mounds, fallen trees. An area of ​​40 acres, recreates the Himalayas and savannas of Africa, Polynesia and the nature of the jungle of Nepal, home to more than two thousand representatives of fauna. Animals that feel like home, arrange for visitors real show: strong masterful split nuts, climb the vines in search of bananas or worn under water, producing fish. For each created a unique area: in Singapore, there are “Wild Africa” ​​and “Valley of the large reef,” and “Garden of reptiles,” and proud of the zoo is the largest in the world closed colony of orangutans. Another highlight of the garden, “Fragile Forest” brings visitors into actionable tropical beauty, filled with a host of wildlife sounds, all shades of lush greenery and enchanting colors of butterfly wings, flitting from flower to flower. Singapore animal kingdom is so large that you can spend a whole day without stopping for a moment, and for the lazy traveler operates tourist bus.

Prague zoo


Chief zoo Czech Republic and one of the best zoos in Europe, opened in September 1931, is located in the Prague area called Troy. This place is not like closed “prison” for animals, located on the post-Soviet space – to create conditions of its inhabitants, the most resembling natural habitat. According to statistics, the zoo is home to more than 4800 representatives of fauna of the planet and one of the most visited places in Prague. It is divided into two zones, the upper and lower, which connects the small chairlift. Zoo safari reminds penguins and lemurs, butterflies and turtles, giant cats and real African savannah are not hidden from human eyes for zalapannymi glass and iron bars. Located on the territory of the zoo cages seals and polar bears are built so that you can watch the games and movement of animals, not only outside but also under water. A favorite of kids and adults, entertaining pavilion “Chambal” – this is the only place in Europe where the family lives Gangetic gharial. In Prague Zoo can become a “foster parent” or sponsor liked the beast – in exchange for membership fees benefactor becomes the owner nameplate near the aviary “adopted” baby.

London Zoo


The oldest public zoo world, located in the heart of London – the famous Regent’s Park, began his scientific career in April 1828. After 19 years here, and everyone rushed to admire the wonders from all over the world. Since 1902 the London Zoo has become what we know it: a great variety of living things, rolls over 16,000 individuals, spacious open-air cages, fascinating lectures and show-feeding animals. Zoo, never received government subsidies, even for donations from the machine was able to make a real show, making you throw a coin in a coin. And what can we say about the opportunity to participate in feeding handsome African-giraffes, surprisingly in harmony with the old buildings of London! Even Aquariums owe their existence to the living museum of the British capital – water vivarium, which appeared in London “leader”, not only demonstrates the inhabitants of the Amazon and coral reefs, but also provides one of the pools to rent exotic fish owners who do not have conditions for maintenance pets. Most popular pavilions zoo – it aviary cute otters, known for their funny antics, and Butterfly Garden, immersed in the wonderful world of the tropics.

Zoo Miami


One of the main attractions of Florida pearls glance plunges guests into a pleasant shock: Zoo Miami area is more than 300 hectares. Zoological Gardens, which opened in 1948, began its history with very modest exposure: a pair of black bears, goats yes three monkeys, and later started a family of elephants, three times to produce offspring, and then off we go. Because of the hurricane “Betsy” which caused considerable damage to the territory of the monastery of animals, in July 1980, Zoo Miami moved to a new location 25 kilometers from Miami Beach. As Singapore Zoo, it is open: animals and visitors are separated by only ditches and other natural obstacles, no fences and “sky in the box.” Zoo collected more than two thousand animals from Asia, Africa and Australia: white tigers, lizards from the island of Komodo, pygmy hippos, koalas, Bengal tigers. At the zoo grows over nine hundred different palm trees and cacti, orchids and a variety of vibrant lives of more than seven dozen different birds. Home “feature” of this vacation spot: show depicting elephants, where for a few dollars you can look at a huge eared Picasso masterpiece and buy it as a souvenir. For those who are tired of walking around the zoo, a great solution would be to rent a bike or ride the monorail, cafes and fountains scattered across the area with drinking water.