7 components perfect kiss

7 components perfect kiss


If you want to have your first kiss with her boyfriend remember you both, there are several important factors to consider:

– Attraction.

You must pull together, pull hard and truly. We are not saying that you have to wait only true love, but the more you will be between the “spark”, the more you like a kiss.

– It should excite you.

The touch of his lips you should all tremble inside and climb a swarm of butterflies in my stomach. It is important to remember that often physically attractive man realized later, so do not rush to kiss.

– The place where it happened.

Yes, the place for girls is also important. So guys take note: the better “scenery” he will choose, the best kiss will get “out”.

– Soft lips.

Just make sure your lips are not chapped when going on a date. If anything, the situation can be corrected by using chapstick.

– Sexual tension.

The longer you kiss, the more sexual tension will grow around you. It is therefore worth a little torment him (and yourself), but improve the quality of the kiss hundredfold.

– Privacy.

Many do not like vystavlt feelings on display. It is important that your first kiss couple occurred under these conditions, when you both comfortable and nothing distracts from the main.

– Good mood.

Kiss – an option, but not the way to resolve the conflict. Therefore it is better not to kiss if you are angry at each other. Choose for this moment of peace and harmony between you.