8 medium to convert office to evening hairstyles

8 medium to convert office to evening hairstyles


After working life is just beginning. So, besides the fact that before leaving the office lights have to be powdered nose, often required to give an evening gloss hairstyle. Come to the aid funds for fast styling dry hair that easily provide your hair welcome metamorphosis.


For thick, hard, dry hair try to use a special cream for styling. Such tools can also be found under the name of milk pudding or even hair styling. Cream soften hair and helps smooth unruly sticking push and give tips hairstyle view “from the salon as” creating a soft and lasting effect on the coming evening. Apply a small amount of cream with your fingers comb – and forward, towards happiness and entertainment! By the way, SOS-means may be a normal hand cream , if nothing else with him was not. Slightly lubricate their hands and not waiting for full absorption, gently spread over the hair where they need a little smooth.


By the way, SOS-means may be a normal hand cream, if nothing else with him was not.


Hair Oil is also perfect if you want to just add a bit of softness and shine. Rub a few drops of oil literally in the palms and careful touches put on the ends of her hair. Fast and convenient update hairstyles after a busy day. And yet, when the oil is odorless, it is a great base if you are going to spray perfume or fragrance curls hair mist.


If the work you wear smooth strict hairstyle in the evening it’s time to fluff. Excellent tool in this will be a means for rapid installation with Powder texture. Not to shock colleagues find a secluded spot, tilt your head down a certain amount of powder spread fingers through his hair, as well as at the roots – and shake off hair, flew to the possible excess powder. Creatively disheveled hair – it’s so charming.


It happens that in the evening lost a sense of purity and freshness of the hair, and in fact, even after a hard day sometimes it is vital to look your best. In this case, try to use dry shampoo to be allocated at the roots of the hair so that it absorbed excess sebum, then shake off the remnants and comb hair comb or brush. After applying this shampoo your hair look clean, fluffy and frosted.


Do not pay attention to the gender marker on the packaging – it’s all the tricks marketers who like to offer these funds to men. Conk suitable for both direct and for curly hair, giving it shine and smoothness. Its use is especially true if you want to quickly create the effect of wet curls (if you have curly hair) or, for example, to remove loose curls in a spectacular ponytail.


Conk suitable for both direct and for curly hair, giving it shine and smoothness.


With hairspray we all certainly know how to handle. To give a quick volume and styling strands in the right direction, spray a little on the strand, pre-lifting their hand to the right places at the ends of the strands stick together. Well with the increase in special paints for hair roots, having conveniently located elongated spray, which can easily be routed directly to the roots deep into the hairstyle.


Gel – the first thing that comes to mind when you need to fix her hair and quickly create the effect of wet hair. A great option for a short haircut that of “decent” office slight movement can be converted into a fatal or mischievous.


Familiar and comfortable shape. Modest amount spread over the hair and gather in the evening hairstyle, such as stabbing or just a few strands forming a wave.

Good job – and now sleep well!

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