9 reasons not to lose weight

9 reasons not to lose weight


“Who said that I should lose weight? Where is it written? What a stupid beauty standards, under which I am obliged to adjust his body in spite of the genetic constitution, own volition and plain common sense? And anyway, who announced (and what sane man would agree) that “hanger-like” and “not for the life of” high model, arrogant paced the fashion catwalks, should be for us – ordinary, normal, healthy women – models for follow?

Yes, I am imperfect. (Perfection general in nature is rare, and its parameters are not all united and unambiguous). Just think, a few extra pounds , according to the body mass index formula … Well, a couple dozen extra pounds – to be precise …

But I have as much as 18 reasons NOT to lose weight! If I lose weight, then …

1) I have to change the dressing room – and it is labor-intensive, costly and takes time;

Just think, a few extra pounds, according to the formula BMI …

2) lost to waste my discount store “large”;

3) I have to sit in the truck with the neighbors (now-I just occupy two places at once);

4) stop bed creak, and I used to fall asleep under the creaking (mean sleep problems begin);

5) increase the monthly water consumption – in the bathroom because the body becomes less;

6) I will become less visible on the photo;

7) I will stop winking face “caucasian” nationality;

8) I can not claim the title of a beauty queen in Thailand;

9) and in Africa will not take me to marry;

10) I will no longer automatically accept as a good man and a good hostess;

11) my man leave me, because prefers fatties ;

12) I will stop on the street to feel safe (to me more often will stick);

13) I’ll look less credible and less career will be built;

14) I can no longer engage in a favorite sumo;

15) I will soon be old;

16) my neck will not be so appetizing;

16) I will soon drown in the water and freeze in the cold;

17) I’ll sing worse;

18) I can not qualify for the position plus size model! “


No point in arguing with these arguments, although most of them are either myths or excuses, or are easily avoidable. 9 However, there is serious circumstances under which really do not need to torture yourself with diets and prohibitive loads, in general, to lose weight.


If your body mass index below the reasonable boundaries, and it is associated with either the natural constitution, or with an excellent and very fast metabolism, or with a very active lifestyle, or with a poor appetite or lack of time to eat – then you definitely do not lose weight necessary. In some cases even impossible. And believe me, your inability to recover even for pounds, eating a ton of biscuits and sweet, more jealous of the female population if not the whole world (in Africa have enough worries other women), the economically developed countries accurately.

Seek advice and support to relatives and skilled care – to the experts!


Accurate diagnosis can only be a doctor, but if you are constantly dissatisfied with themselves, despite the admiration of others; If your whole life revolves around a single goal – to become thin, it’s time to start worrying. Seek advice and support to relatives and skilled care – to the experts! And so they just will not recommend you to lose weight on.


Pregnancy – a period when the body of a woman needs all the forces that he has. So in most cases, this time, it is not suitable for strict diets and strenuous exercise. If you stop fully fed, breaking recommendations obstetricians, pediatricians and nutritionists is where your child will receive the vital vitamins and minerals, and you yourself – energy to “grow” a healthy baby? I agree, in some cases, experts advise to be attentive to your diet, avoid “empty” carbohydrates, etc. But this does not mean that the process need to go “head”.



This cause is very similar to the previous one. Your child still requires maximum nutrition, and your body is still exposed to great physical and physiological stress. So to lose weight is not the time. However, I hasten to console young mothers experiencing complexes because of alleged imperfections has recently given birth figures in most cases healthy women lose weight without any effort after the establishment and consolidation of breastfeeding. The main thing when it detects this pleasant fact – not to relax and not have to start for “three” instead of two.


Young growing organism, and growing in a crazy pace and unpredictable forms, needs a lot of nutrients, trace elements, vitamins, etc. Independently determine, without any of them is possible to do, you are unlikely to succeed. Besides, not necessarily your curvy figure , so frustrating you now, with age will retain its “appetizing”. So make plans early. But make problems with menstrual cycles and reproductive system can very quickly and almost imperceptibly. Is it worth it? ..

Not necessarily your curvy figure, so frustrating you now, with age will retain its “appetizing”.



This period for any woman and so is rather complicated, and in many cases exacerbated by the fact that the figure life is a trim, under the influence of hormonal changes “spreads.” But it is better to accept the inevitability of time than to earn additional health problems.


Your body needs to restore power, and not to fight with an imaginary overweight. Sometimes sedentary lifestyle caused by diseases or postoperative rehabilitation, causes the muscles to become weak, somewhere unattractive “sag”, but bringing yourself into the ideal physical shape you can – and should – wait.


It just so happened that you are. And they were such as I can remember. And most of your relatives. And at the same time feel great. And perfectly healthy. You and flexible, and plastic, and agile, and energetic … Nutritionists argue that attempts to lose weight in this situation can hurt you, and certainly – much spoil the mood and character. So Humble. And can not tolerate? Can rejoice?

You are special, you have the opportunity to create their own style of clothing and feel unique. Besides, if you remember the folk wisdom, 90% of men prefer fat women, the remaining 10% – very full.


Nature has endowed all of us a different set of so-called weaknesses – and appearance and character; so that their presence is not important, but how you turn them into advantages.


This is not a shield, not a mask, it is a sincere belief that you are good in any form! That you can easily lose weight (and possibly behind successful attempts have), but you LOVE yourself as it is now, appetizing. However, in this case you do not make sense to argue that NOT need to lose weight, right? ..