05.02.2014 1:23

9 revelations leader of U2, who shocked the audience yesterday BBC

Despite the fact that the new U2 record is not over yet, released right before the “Super Bowl” Track «Invisible» spurred singer Bono of Irish band to give a lengthy interview with a leading BBC Radio Zane Lowe. The discussion focused on the past, present and future of the band, and her tone says only one thing – U2 are sure that after the premiere album, produced Dendzherom Mouse, does not become a huge hit and blow up the charts. That’s what we were able to learn after listening to this interview foggy.

U2 album is not considered ready until it went on sale

“As long as the disk is not on the radio and not snared, it does not exist, – says Bono – U2 If the disc is not considered complete until it is on the shelf in the store. Generally, we are not young, hard on us to make a bet. But the reception «Invisible» surprised me. Amazing how many people we are still interested. Judge for yourself: two and a half million downloads – a million of them in just an hour – on Sunday. It was difficult to expect this. We have a special position that many annoying. We believe that the more open, the more immune to failures – probably why people think of us have nowhere to go. Above us laugh sometimes called pretentious. Always there is an active response to U2. And this is the best answer to the question “I wonder if we the people?”. I think everyone in the world knows that we are not only engaged in the release of records, but also something else. Although at this point we think just the release of the new disc. “

Official name, but there are an awful working title

When Lowe asked what was the most stupid working title, Bono replied: «Insecurity» («Insecurity”). Is the working title. Imagine that someone draws a portrait of an evil man with hair on his head Mallet, only the jacket this guy is not written «Security», it would be logical, and «Insecurity». That’s what we had in mind.

The new album will be punk, and electronic music

“That’s because we listened to this incredible music in the late ’70s – explains the singer. – So when we went back to those times in his memoirs, the decision to use electronics and punk appeared logical. When we started all this pereslushivat, if I burst in terms of writing. Punk rock and electronics were when for us it was just beginning. Then we listened to the Ramones and Kraftwerk, and on the same track «Invisible» you recognize and then, and more impact. “

Bono describes his own wretched youth in «Invisible»

“The song is written about how to leave the house in a rage, to come to London to sleep here at the station and join the punk movement, which is just a rapidly expanding in those years – says Bono. – Around were so wild and extraordinary people that you quickly begin to feel very ordinary. You become invisible and you had to shout to be noticed. That’s what happens when you are away from home. “

The album is still in progress

Bono said he hopes to finish the drive “a few months”, but warned that “finish then when we’re done.” While this part of the conversation the singer decided to end optimistically: “All happy how everything works great with the plate.”

More girls than anything else

Venture called U2 in total is estimated in the millions, if not billions of dollars, but they continue to be recorded in dubious studios. “I speak to you from the raw basement – claimed by phone Bono. – Yes, we are in a great country, the state capital here actually, but we saw a mouse in races recently. We call the studio Derricks – same circle one guys. You collect a group of 17, then if you achieve success, it is cluttered with the team and then you send to the studio to record, and the people there at all like cockroaches. Girls but clearly not enough. “

U2 love James Mercer Dendzhera Mouse and Broken Bells

“In the studio working with us Dendzher Mouse – says the singer. – He’s a great guy and soulful, they recorded with Broken Bells great new disc. Such amazing melancholic melodies. Separate from me as a compliment to the singer James Mercer – this guy knows how to tell true stories. His voice has something that gives it complexity and depth. Believe me – this guy is a celebrity (laughs). “

U2 want to tour the closed sites – such as “intimate” 20-thousand to 02 Arena in London

“We like big concerts in the open air, but the new tracks until more suitable indoor facilities. At least, that is where we must begin, – says Bono. – Not so long ago we played in the ballroom at the event by Sean Penn. There were about 200 people and it was very interesting to again try his hand on the small stage. Sometimes you want to paint remember that it all started. “

The group thinks that their music is now obsolete

When the question arose whether there is a group of doubts about the success of their new album, Bono said: “We have tried to understand for themselves:” Why do people another disk group U2? ». And then we say, “Well, what if you look, why do we need another one?”. Probably because we have not said it all. As for the question of meaning in his mission, and it is often the case in life. We must do what makes sense for you personally, to be honest in this, and then you will be honest in everything else. I can tell that a person goes through that, being in a band. And then he opens a position of experience. If it will be interesting to people, then great. But then you can not guess. I personally think that «Invisible» – this is a great song, but I’m not sure that it is available to all. We understand when we ustareem. I am well prepared for the time when people begin to expel us from the stage. But we just do not leave. “