Q & A: Is there any sense in concept cars?

Q & A: Is there any sense in concept cars?


Why so many car companies vbuhivayut attendants in cars, which will remain forever believe? Paul Horrell responsible

– All concept cars essentially the same the same, right?


– No. First, some concepts – it is almost ready for production pre-production model. At exhibitions and shows they appear to warm up the audience. A sort of bold hint buyer – say, do not rush to showrooms competitors, Chewie! Wait a minute and sympathetic look, what you get ripe peach! Exactly so it was with “yaguarovskimi” concepts from the X16 and C-X17 – F-Type preview and prospective crossover. A whole deposit prototypes from BMW with the letter i in the index prepared us for the grand assault force Munich eco sub-brand.

– But there are after all very far from the real concepts …

– Of course. This is usually preceded by a change of the chief designer of a large company. These cars are not even, but rather design fantasies indicate the evolution of the style of the brand, a new direction, not necessarily referring to a specific model. Remember earlier, especially crazy work or calling Chris Bangle Peugeot SR1 from Gilles Vidal.

Jaguar C-X17

– Strange, but today, these cars look … absolutely normal.

– In both funny. Car designers generally work proactively in a few years. During this time they should, rather, are required to “sell” their ideas, vision and leadership of tomorrow’s new products, and the public.


BMW Z9 Concept

– But it is not always the same concept becomes reality, is not it?

– Again true. And the reasons are manifold. For example, ten years ago, when the Rover still belonged to BMW, British engineers are actively lobbying for the project “New Mini”. They insisted – the machine should get just as revolutionary as the original Alec Issigonis. Germans questioned, but allowed the British to create otvyazny concept layout with rear-and wagon-long body. The project proved to be very expensive to manufacture and also did not find understanding among the public. Next concept did not get. There is another category of “refuseniks” like Land Rover DC100. LR Manual initially did not understand how to be a new “defu”, and launched a trial balloon, giving the public a chance to speak.


Land Rover DC100

– Are car companies in fact listen to the voice of the people?

– Frankly – rarely. Much more often decisions are made behind the doors of cabinets and not on the results of the poll on the public auto shows.


Nissan BladeGlider

– And the last question. What do you think about the concept Frick with the Tokyo Motor Show?

– You mean these fragile white boxes with rotating seats and a glass dome roof? About those that talk, fold in half, color show host and surrounding mood can not except that fly? You know, ten years ago, they were indeed concepts literally – very top of the cosmic imagination. But now even these cars are not just absurdist fantasy. And they will not believe, sometimes heard preproduction flavor. Zamazhem at twenty?

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