28.03.2014 8:49

How much access to a private life?

No, in fact, that’s how much you would have asked for something that others can read your online conversation?

Dutch student Bukles Sean ( Shawn Buckles ) wants to sell you my soul. Put up for sale all that you can learn about Sean online: the content of his emails, chatroom conversations, private messages, etc.

April 12, 2014 one who offers the biggest bet, get personal records Sean, home address, and the exact coordinates of its location, medical documents, notes, travel, access to his personal calendar, passwords to e-mails, to the archive of posts in all services exchange messages to the personal messages in social networks, to browser history, finally, to the thoughts of Mr. Buklesa.

In fluent Dutch Bukles Sean asks: “Buy me!”

Shawn says that he always worried about the safety and privacy of personal data privacy, but then looked a television documentary Tegenlicht (Dutch channel VPRO) on sale of personal data. “That is because irony,” – he thought … and then it hit him.

Sean creates a website and auction begins. But in this initiative, there are obvious pitfalls, because in correspondence and conversations and other people involved. It turns out that sold access to both of their lives. It seems Sean understands this: “Yes, there is such a thing, but after the auction, I will start negotiations with those who are the highest bidder. One of my conditions – privacy protection others as only sold my data, not my friends. I talk to a lawyer and tell all my contacts that access to my conversations and correspondence is open to a third party. “

Earn personal data first coined American Zane Federico (Federico Zannie) from New York: he proposed something similar in 2013, when he was tired, that advertisers are using it for free. “I sit for hours on the internet – explained Federico. – Meanwhile, some Facebook, Google and others use my information online (sites that I visit, the video that I watch) in order to make a profit! “But Zane acted differently: instead of having to sell all of the information at a time, he offered to buy access time for a day, a week, a month. Day cost $ 2.

Sean explains his action attempt to draw attention to the security issues of privacy. “Confidentiality becomes obsolete word, and it bothers me. I have absolutely nothing to hide, but I would like to decide who has access to my data, and who is – no. People often do not realize that privacy and independence – related things that the secret private life affects a person’s character, his personality. “

That’s right: we are in themselves – a large database, which for some reason have a free tail and mane same Facebook and Google. Never thought about it? Time to have. Sean adds: “The biggest fear in my that the state could easily be abused by those data, which collects about us. And we silently agree with the fact that we’re being watched, actually exposing themselves for all to see. “

Well, let’s say, he will succeed. But does anyone think that this will put “trade data” on the flow and encourage anyone was closely monitor how much personal information is given for free to corporations and government? However, in any case, better to manage your privacy, and if for access to it, you can earn, then why not?