Acer Aspire F5-571G-59XP Review: Specs and Features

Acer Aspire F5-571G-59XP Review: Specs and Features

Acer Aspire F5-571G-59XP Review: Specs and Features

Laptops for every day vary enormously in price and configuration. They – working machines, which have enough performance headroom, so the user can carry out their tasks. And, at the same time, limited capacity to receive the status of a professional laptop, workstation, gaymers logo or multimedia device. Acer Aspire F5-571G-59XP, clearly, is a very good example of the everyday notebook with a fairly powerful components and common characteristics of the display, which is typical for this category of devices. Its price in the shops is about $ 650 – not so much for today.


The materials used are mainly plastic, aluminum work platform only. From decorative items, there is nothing that would somehow dispel the boredom and monotony of design. Only the logo of the manufacturer can be seen on the cover of the device, and then, made the too large print.

Acer Aspire F5-571G-59XP Review: Specs and Features

The build quality of the laptop at a good level, except for insufficiently durable plastic in the lid flexes under pressure. All other aspects of normal. Such a device is reliable in operation and leaves a pleasant aftertaste. Physical Specifications Acer Aspire F5-571G-59XP following: 381.6h256h29.2 mm, 2.4 kg.

The bottom of the device can accommodate several ventilation grilles of varying lengths. Surely cooling system in this notebook works extremely effectively. two grids are also provided here for the speakers, who are deployed in the opposite direction from each other by the side bevels. At the bottom of the notebook has five legs and a small ledge on the hinge side for additional support.

Display, sound, webcam

15.6-inch display with a matte finish has a resolution of 1366×768 pixels. Frankly, this is a budget option, which has base properties to provide more or less comfortable work. TN matrix with small viewing angles makes the display adjust to the slope. In addition, the screen Aspire F5-571G-59XP not too bright, and the uniformity of illumination is poor. But please rendition, whereby when viewing video images are transmitted fairly realistic and colorful.

Acer Aspire F5-571G-59XP Review: Specs and Features

Laptop audio capabilities are represented by two speakers located on the bottom of the device, and Acer TrueHarmony technology. The maximum volume is insufficient, especially in a large room, so it’s best to use headphones – because the sound is directional. As for the rest, he is a great, not distorted at high frequencies, and its depth makes the play more realistic. In general, the output of the built-in audio technology can be seen there.

The webcam has a low resolution – 0.3 megapixels. With it, you can easily organize video conferences, although not the best image quality.

Keyboard and Touchpad

The whole working surface Acer Aspire F5-571G-59XP is made of metal, with the texture of the cover type. Perhaps it is not practical in terms of fingerprints and heat distribution, but the reliability and durability leave no doubt. Keyboard, respectively, a metal substrate does not flex even under the most active printing. It is very convenient!

Acer Aspire F5-571G-59XP Review: Specs and Features

The island keyboard complemented Numpad. Except for key numeric keypad and function series, all full-size keys. They have a rather short stroke, so I have to get used to such a style of printing. The power key is located in the upper right corner to prevent confusion with other elements, it marked a major corresponding icon.

As with any working machines in Acer, Aspire F5-571G-59XP provides large. It is a high-quality input device having a good sensitivity and a pleasant feel rough surface. The touchpad supports multi-touch gestures, such as scrolling, zooming, and double-tapa.


Acer Aspire F5-571G-59XP running Windows 10 Home operating system. Our equipment requires a Intel Core i5-4210U processor, which works with two cores at a base frequency of 1.7 GHz. The maximum he accelerates to 2.7 GHz Core i5-3427U achieving performance levels. Core i5-4210U has 3MB cache and manufactured according to the standards 22 nm process Haswell architecture, power it represents the solution above average, as is able to cope not only with everyday tasks, but also with more demanding applications. By the way, a bunch of the processor with a discrete graphics card NVIDIA GeForce 940M, referred to in this configuration, displays Aspire F5-571G-59XP to a decent standard among universal notebook, providing it the status of a good working machine.

Acer Aspire F5-571G-59XP Review: Specs and Features

NVIDIA GeForce 940M is based on the Maxwell architecture, it has 384 shader units and manufactured according to the standards 28 nm process. The graphics support DirectX 11 and works with 2GB of video memory at fairly high frequencies – from 1072 to 1176 MHz. Game Accelerator performance is average, the modern game, he pulls, but not all, and only with low settings. For example, Rise of the Tomb Raider in 2016 and Batman: Arkham Knight 2015 on the medium in a resolution of 1366×768 pixels proved virtually unplayable, showing less than 18 fps.

Do not forget about the built-in Intel HD Graphics 4400 graphics card, which is used to solve the laptop lighter tasks. It has actuators 20, showing a marked increase in performance as compared with HD Graphics 16, 4000 with its units.

The amount of RAM in the Aspire F5-571G-59XP – 6 GB of DDR3-1600 MHz standard. The maximum it can be increased up to 16 GB by filling two slots on the bars 8 GB each. HDD 1TB provides more than enough space to store the desired information. spindle speed of 5400 rpm.

Ports and Communications

The connectors are located in the laptop is not very convenient, since they are crowded almost all on the left side edge. Here it is Kensington lock, VGA, RJ-45, HDMI, 2hUSB 3.0 combo port, and headphone and microphone jacks.

On the front end of the left side is a card reader for SD cards and a number of LEDs. Behind the blank, and the right, respectively, occupies most of the disc tray, as well as the power connector and USB 2.0.

wireless communications a set of standards: Wi-Fi 802.11b / g / n and Bluetooth 4.0.


The laptop is equipped with 4-cell lithium-ion battery is not too large capacity – 2520 mAh. TDP CPU is only 15 watts, so the manufacturer declared autonomy is quite good – it is about 5 hours in a mixed mode of use.

Conclusion Acer Aspire F5-571G-59XP

Acer Aspire F5-571G-59XP Universal laptop offers everything you need, so the user can comfortably work and spend leisure time. Despite the budget display, the device definitely deserves attention, because it corresponds to the price opportunities. Filling laptop powerful enough, all the required ports there, the average battery resources. Yes, and the unit itself pleasing to the eye, practical. Recall, today the cost is about $ 650.