Acer Aspire Switch 10V Review: Specs and Features

Acer Aspire Switch 10V Review: Specs and Features

Acer Aspire Switch 10V Review: Specs and Features

Despite the fact that the transformable devices have long been no surprise them, Acer still has taken such an attempt. By building the 10.1-inch model Aspire Switch 10V engineers have thoroughly: here and metal body, and high-quality matrix, and an ergonomic keyboard. The multi-mode device, it can be used as a laptop, tablet, or the presentation of the tent.

However, modern sophisticated computer user is already difficult than a surprise. Therefore, this devaysu need to have is not one quality, favorably emphasize its importance. The cost of new items is an average of $ 520 – the amount is very nice for this segment. Well, superficial impressions of devaysa very positive. Let’s see what will happen next!


Exterior view of the notebook Acer Aspire Switch 10V has a uniquely to themselves and attract attention. Matte cover is made of aluminum gray. The surface – textured, her visible to the naked eye a peculiar pattern. This not only looks cool but also has a positive effect on the quality of service. The fact that such fine surface damage, dust and become less visible, respectively, according to the criterion soiled device wins on all the points. Due to the roughness greatly reduces the risk of dropping the device, because it provides a better grip with the fingers. By the way, the additional elements to cover not so much: the brand name, as well as the large eye of the main chamber in the upper right corner.

Acer Aspire Switch 10V Review: Specs and Features

The display Acer Aspire Switch 10V is surrounded by a rather thick black frame. In general, it is a good idea, because this thickness allows you to comfortably grasp the plate even with both hands at once. On the other hand, such a frame significantly “eats” area of the screen. The top of the rear has a webcam, on the bottom – miniature logo. As for the keyboard, it seems comfortable even for prolonged typing.

The upper and lower parts of the device are connected one elongate hinge. At this place is worth looking in more detail, because it highlights the ability to transform a novelty among the other 10-inch devices. So, Acer Aspire Switch 10V uses a special retention mechanism, which is called the Acer Snap Hinge 2. As says the manufacturer, as compared to the previous models, it became easier and easier to use. Magnets underlying mechanism, allow just a few seconds to connect the top to the bottom, or vice versa, of the disconnect. Thus, the user can quickly and easily change from one scenario to another use.

In terms of mobility, a transformer is not particularly distinguished. the tablet weighs 590 grams, the docking keyboard tightens further 500 g Hold in the hands of more than half a kilo a long time, hardly anyone will like, even with two hands simultaneously. As for the dimensions of new items, then they are part of the flatbed following: 262h180h9 mm, and a thickness of the keyboard dock will grow by 11.5 mm. Thus, the conclusion is obvious: if you throw back the lid too far, it will outweigh the entire structure. Unpleasant, but expected a minus, which is inherent to most transformable devices.

Display, audio, and webcam

Acer Aspire Switch 10V endowed with a 10.1-inch screen with a resolution of 1920×1200 dots per inch pixel density – 224 ppi. From scratches and other minor damage protects the display glass Corning Gorilla Glass. The surface of the display – glossy, so direct sunlight is still worth avoiding. With the brightness and contrast there is no problem: the image on the output is juicy and “living” color reproduction is also not let us down.

Acer Aspire Switch 10V Review: Specs and Features

The screen is based on a matrix TFT IPS. This means that the viewing angles are consistently good no matter under what foreshortening you look at a picture or a movie, that is, the inversion is not observed in any case. It should be noted that the touch-sensitive surface works very well, instructions are executed quickly, without inhibitions and locked up.

Dolby Audio two speakers located at the bottom of the display. This location can be considered very good, though, because the sound is sent directly to the user, which means that it will not be muted. Otherwise, the sound can be described as normal, bass and treble is not enough, but on this form factor demand more and is not necessary.

The device Acer Aspire Switch 10V has two cameras. Front, front, received authorization 2 MP, respectively, it can be used successfully to arrange video calls, for example, via Skype. In the main camera of 5 megapixels more features, even photos will do. However, it is not necessary to rely on the quality, still photographs – this is not the mainstream news, but rather a nice bonus.

Keyboard and Touchpad

Plastic docking keyboard looks very stylishly and thoughtfully. key block large enough, both his have virtually no free edge. The buttons have a square shape, for it is easy to fall. Incidentally, the island-type keyboard, around each key has a lot of free space. The marking is made in white color, function keys, and arrow block also in turquoise.

Acer Aspire Switch 10V Review: Specs and Features

Buttons, often used in the process of typing, do not have any obvious features, except that in addition to its impressive size. So, there is a single-row [Enter] with dual slash stretched [Shift] under it, and still the same elongated on the left side. [Tab] and [Caps Lock] a little smaller, but not critical. Arrows, however, too small, but there’s nothing to be done, they have 15-inch notebooks are usually small, and here and all 10 inches. The keyboard does not flex even during intensive printing, while its buttons have a good return.

The touchpad has the optimal size: it is not small and not too big, so easy to work with. He has a slightly rough surface, but the finger glides effortlessly. Physical keys not, but there are built-in. The touch pad is good at the given commands, executing them without delay.


Transformer Acer Aspire Switch 10V (SW5-014) runs on Windows 10 Home 64-bit. As the processor performs a quad Intel Atom x5-8300, built on Cherry Trail platform. Basic chip frequency is 1.44 GHz, but it can be increased up to 1.84 GHz (Burst). CPU is built according to the standards 14 nm process, has 2 MB cache level 2, and its TDP is not more than 4 watts.

Integrated Intel HD Graphics video card (Cherry Trail) based on the Broadwell architecture, working with 12 EU. It operates at frequencies of 200-500 MHz and supports DirectX 11.2, Shader 5.0. This schedule is not high performance, it can only handle little old or weak games Windows. For example, Counter-Strike: GO (2012) on the medium, and with a resolution of 1366×768 pixels will only 18-20 fps, Sims 4 (2014) with the same parameters will start with 17 fps. Newer games will be playable in very rare cases, so you can try your luck with the World of Warships (2015) on low settings with a resolution of 1366×768 pixels. The maximum number of frames per second, in this case, will not exceed 17 fps.

Acer Aspire Switch 10V Review: Specs and Features

RAM device 2 GB standard LPDDR3-1600 MHz. But with the storage of information is not so simple: equipment described in the review, has 64 GB of internal memory, there is also a version with 32 GB. However, there are modifications, in which there is a hard disk of 500 GB, built-in docking keyboard. It is noteworthy that in this case, the data on the hard disk is automatically blocked, you only disconnect both parts device apart. By the way, in any case, the user also has the ability to use the built-in card reader for its intended purpose, which supports cards up to 128 GB.

Ports and Communications

With interfaces in the device, things are good, most of them located on the left side. In particular, you can find a USB Type-C, video Micro-HDMI, card reader 3-in-1 (microSD / microSDHC / microSDXC), combo audio jack socket for recharging.

The right side of the flatbed has three physical buttons: on, Windows rocker button and adjust the sound. The flat-screen keyboard is also not cheated on her right marginalia has a USB 3.0 port.

As for the sensors, their very little: an accelerometer, gyroscope, light sensor. Wireless communications presented modules Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n and Bluetooth 4.0.


The Acer Aspire Switch 10V set 2-cell lithium-polymer battery capacity of 8060 mAh. The manufacturer claims that the laptop will be able to hold a maximum 12 hours for a single charge. However, it does not indicate in what mode, so we can assume that it is still a simple one. During normal web surfing or video playback, battery life is reduced by about half. As for intensive tasks, such as running games, they “eat” the battery is not more than 2 hours. Thus, to take a transformer, for example, to work, or the short journey can be, but it is better not to let the socket out of sight.

Conclusion Aspire Switch 10V

Device Acer Aspire Switch 10V can be transformed into one of the four modes, for which he received, without the doubt, a huge plus. In addition, he has a lot of other advantages: Full HD-display with IPS-matrix, ergonomic keyboard, which allows you to work comfortably for a long time. Hardware components, though nothing special stand, yet perfectly cope with everyday tasks.

Another compelling argument for purchasing the device – the opportunity to purchase a complete set not only with flash memory. Of course, the latter is more expensive, but on the characteristics actually get a full laptop, though the 10-inch. The disadvantage, perhaps, we can note is not the thinnest body, and weight of the flatbed. By the way, surprisingly, the device is sold at a nice price – around $ 520, while for that of the hard disk price is $ 700.