Acer ET430K Review very large monitor, not TV

Acer ET430K Review very large monitor, not TV

Acer ET430K Review very large monitor, not TV
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Acer has recently started making a lot of exciting products. Announcement Acer ET430K monitor is interesting enough, although it has not a lot of noise and loud presentations. The bottom line is that the product is not for everyone, and probably most people pass by it.

It’s diagonal is about 43 inches. And yes, it’s not TV. Acer ET430K is the monitor that you will put on the table and play games from your computer, watching movies and so on. Now many people will say “what’s the point to take a screen diagonal, if there is a TV” and will be completely wrong. Connect your computer to your TV and try in some CS GO to play – see the difference between the display and the TV.

Acer ET430K Review very large monitor, not TV

Acer ET430K: Specifications

Diagonal of the monitor Acer ET430K screen is 43 inches, which is commensurate with the diagonal of the TV medium in size. Naturally, this will not greatly diagonal common, because it is 27 inches are ideal for playing games. If you play on a 32-inch monitor, you realize that this is a bit larger.

It is not hard to put 43 inches monitor on the table. In addition, a display resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, ie 4K resolution in all its glory. With this resolve your eyes will not get tired. Also it has Acer Bluelight Shield technology and Flicker-less, which reduces the strain on your eyes to a minimum.

Matrix is ​​IPS with excellent viewing angles and color reproduction. Response time is just 5 ms matrix. For gaming monitor, unless you are eager to get into eSports, this excellent performance and to play will be very convenient.

Acer ET430K: Design

Acer ET430K Review very large monitor, not TV

On the front of the monitor Acer ET430K is symmetrical black frame. Acer logo is located on the bottom. The monitor has an a minimalist design that is quite attractive. Incidentally, you can use two legs of golden color to mount it on the table. They are connected on the rear side in one piece. It looks not very reliable, but if you do not intend to sway the monitor – you have no problems.

The back side of the monitor Acer ET430K is completely white. There is a VESA mount and hardware control buttons. Monitor weighs 12 kilograms.

Acer ET430K: Features

The monitor Acer ET430K has a maximum brightness of 350 cd/m2. For conventional monitor 300 cd/m2 is enough, but here even more. It gives you the opportunity to play even in daylight, and not worry about the “fading” of the picture.

Acer ET430K Review very large monitor, not TV

The viewing angles are good for IPS panels. We have not doubt you will be able to comfortably watch movies with your friends. Frame rate is 60 Hz, which is enough for any modern games. Moreover, it is very difficult to get more FPS for 4K resolution. The monitor is equipped with two speakers 7 W and a built-in power supply.


The price Acer ET430K is £549,99 (amazon), which is not too expensive for such large diagonal and resolution. In addition, it would be ideal for some gamers – you can connect to a gaming console and not to buy expensice TV with 4K.

Also you can connect a computer and play the same way in any action games with the joystick or with the mouse and keyboard. And when you do not want to play, you can watch a movie on the big screen. Acer ET430K is also suited for eSports and other shooters, but not as comfortable as 27-inch model.

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